What do I think of Skinny Cow’s Snickerdoodle Ice cream Sandwiches?

This is what the website says the thing looks like and how many calories, etc:

Funny enough, this kind of what the ice cream REALLY looks like.  Actually, I think the real thing looks better, oddly enough!  See what I mean?

I was expecting meh as I normally do on “diet” foods but this thing is tasty!  I have had Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches before and they were OK but nothing to jump skips over.  This one, however, I’ll do a few jumping jacks for and be happy.

It’s not overly sweet, which normally is the death of me because I love sweets so if it isn’t sweet, I tend to not like it.  But the cinnamon makes up for the lack of sweet.  The oatmeal cookies also give it flavour so while the ice cream it self isn’t sweet, it has a nice balance between all the flavours.

I had to stop myself from eating the whole box!  I had two… one to take pictures with and one to just enjoy.  I will definitely be buying more of these things as long as they’re still there!  I don’t know if this is limited edition as in we’re trying the flavour but we’ll see so it may or may not go away.

I say give it go.  They’re not that expensive and it’s a nice treat you can feel kinda good about eating.  It’s not a lot of calories or fat grams for the treat.  I tell you what… if you don’t like it, send it my way and I’ll eat them for you!  (Yeah OK so over night it with dry ice, but you get what I mean)

All in all a good thumbs up! 😀


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