What I thought of Little Ceasar’s chicken wings

I didn’t know Little Ceasar’s had chicken wings… yeah I know… how long has it been since I’ve gone, right?!  lol.  Anyway, I was ORIGINALLY going to try their (to me) weird flavour of Bacon Honey Mustard but then chickened out.  I like Honey Mustard and I like Bacon but the two together just sounded like a big mess…
ImageSo…  I went the “safe” route and ordered the Lemon Pepper version.  Which, according to the picture… it SHOULD look like this:

ImageBut of course, we all know that’s not how the things ACTUALLY look like…  One caveat though… the girl DID have issues with the lemon pepper.  She couldn’t get it to come out so she had to do it by hand and well, got more than normal on.  That’s fine.  My problem is that the wings come “dry” in a bowl and she had to douse it in some kind of goo first.  My guess is that’s some kind of sticking sauce and then on top they sprinkle their “magic flavour.”  Which, as you know, means that it’s not REALLY that flavour.  It is fast food, though, so what can I expect?  I honestly (and foolishly) thought that lemon pepper chicken wings meant they were seasoned with lemon pepper, then cooked like normal.  Oh well…

This is what my wings ended up looking like:

ImageYou can still kind of see the “sticking sauce” as I call it… that glistening stuff… you see in the picture.  It’s not because the wings were straight out of the fryer.  No, no… they have them pre-made like friggin churros at the fair, Costco‘s, or anywhere else…  Then then grab the little bowl, stick the sauce on it, then sprinkle it with whatever flavour you ordered.

OK past that disappointment, I tried them.  Not HORRIBLE wings but obviously not the best either.  Mine was kind of spicy but that could be because of the lemon pepper mishap.  I didn’t go back for another batch.  One disappointment was enough.  I want fresh wings, gosh darn it!!

Sooo… I did what anyone else who likes to know what’s in their food does… I made my own chicken wings.  It’s not that hard, really.  I’m just lazy.  But now I know better.  I can make my own wings, have them taste better than Little Ceasar’s wings.  That may or may not say something…

The point is, usually prepared food tastes better than homemade.  Why?  Because you didn’t slave on the stove for it!  But it’s higher in fat and lord knows what it is you’re actually eating. That can be a bad thing…

For now though, the wings have my meh approval.  If you want some fascinating wings, this isn’t the place to go.  If you want edible ones, go here.  If you want spicy don’t ask me, I can’t handle spice…  It’s why I’m also known as The Spice Wimp.

Watch for me on youtube.  I’m working on some videos and hope to have some up shortly! 😀


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