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Originally posted on August 1st, 2012 at another blogging site

So on Friday I get a text from a boss saying I don’t need to come in on Monday but maybe the week after… this was after informing me on Wednesday…yes, three days before…that my hours were cut from 7 to 3 per day.

A text.  How tacky?  I heard of breakups through text.  I have even heard of divorces…but ‘firings’ I thought were a new low.  Well, I guess people’s characters are just different.  I thought face to face firings were bad but this was an insult…no common decency.

Then again, what do I expect from the same woman who fired the last two people while they were on medical leave?  Right.  I’m like a lovesick puppy dog girl.  But she’ll be different with me…   Right.

Needless to say, I was angry.  And from the start of this blog, I guess you could say I’m STILL angry…but not for long.

I will start a new day and a new week with this attitude:  I don’t need a boss.  I don’t need to waste my time with unappreciative people.  What I need is to keep my own damn money.  I need to keep my time as my own.  The time I spend working should be the time I get paid for and not have to give a boss a cut of my hard earned time and money.

Did you know that most of us only get pennies?  I saw my boss get profit margins of over $1000 a day for weeks.   Did I ever get to see any of that?  Of course not… I got the leftover peanuts after she had her numerous trips elsewhere, her payments for the house and Mercedes…he kids’ school stuff and whatever else she did with them profits.

Out of those $5000 PLUS profit margins, my pay wasn’t even 10 percent…

Let’s sit on that for a moment… not even TEN percent….

And who was at work every single day without missing ONE day.  Not even for a sick day?  Me.  Who stayed all 7 hours (sometimes more but usually not) because she was so scared of overtime that she never put me for a full 40 hour week? Me.


Had I said to her, hey look, you keep paying my salary but I’ll only be here less than 10 percent of my time, she would have fired me on the spot.  No doubt.

So I woke up.  She pushed me to wake up.  I need to do something else.  I need to keep my money.  I need to make time my own.  If I’m helping someone make a 5000 plus profit, it’s going to be just ME keeping it.

In comes network marketing…oh yes, that scary word…

I’m not scared.  I know a kid less than 30 years of age making $2000 a week on his BAD week…and almost $25,000 a week on a good one.  He’s not a brain surgeon, he’s not this unattainable figure.  He’s just a kid, like you and me.  A super nice kid too!  He’s retired from his job, by the way…  sounds like a sweet deal to me!

I know another kid who’s making $1000 a week PART TIME because he’s a high school kid and has to go to school.  He doesn’t even speak English or know how to write well.  I now know three other kids in Utah who own their own homes outright…  That’s right, OUTRIGHT.  No mortgage to pay. Ever.  They’re not even 25 yet!!!

The cat’s got a point…I got this money thing all wrong.  I’m getting a fifth of what he’s getting a week and I’m doing as much work as he but I’m giving away the rest of my money to this unappreciative boss.  NO MORE.

I’m thankful for the boss who showed me the light.  She had it right all along.  Work for yourself.  What I WON’T do is pay peanuts to my helpers and gauge my customers.  That’s how she gets so much profit.  Not me.  I have higher ethics and morals than this Christian woman.  I believe people should get service and be charged accordingly, not gauged.  And I believe in equal pay for equal work.

You don’t have to agree with me but here I go.  I’m going to make some calls now and I’m going to see just how this kid makes so much.  See you on the flip side!

If you want to join me on this ride, give me a holler but if not, that’s OK too.  I’m going to see how the other side lives either way but if you’re at all curious, hit me up at


Just like my book, In Dreams She Slept (available in Kindle) that I just published because of this wake up call, I’m going to dream out loud.


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