And speaking of nails and art…

I’ve been doing some of that fun stuff like DIY french nails.

Did you know it wasn’t THAT hard to do?!  I didn’t!  It looks so complicated!

I guess it helps if you have some kind of coordination but even if you didn’t, there are tricks for that sort of thing.

A HUGE help for me in the beginning was, oddly enough, tape!  yeah, clear tape… like the kind you use for wrapping presents.  I suppose you could use other kinds of tape but that’s the one I had.

I found this picture online which kinda explains a bit on tape and nail art:
Now here is something this pic and a bunch of other places didn’t tell me: You cannot put tape on nail polish that isn’t completely dry.

To do the french nail tips you’re basically doing the above except you only “stripe” the top part or you do the half and half but tape the bottom, not the top of the nail.

I basically painted my nails with baby pink (or beige or whatever your main colour is) and waited for that to dry completely.  When I got impatient and put the tape on, when I took the tape off, I took the base colour along with the tape.  Not cool.  I had to start over.  So word to the wise, wait for the base to DRY completely.  I mean rock hard.  No smudging, moving, anything no matter what you bump it against.  OK I guess if you banged it on something that chips nails anyway (gravel?) then it doesn’t matter…  But that’s being nit picky.  I’m talking about normal completely dry nails.

After the base is dry, you put a strip of tape at the tip of the nail (or if you’re really scared, you put a tape across the nail so the base is all covered except for the tip) and paint the tip with whatever you tip colour is.  If you’re doing a regular french, then it’s white nail polish or eggshell or off white.

While the white polish is wet, you pull off the tape and voila! perfect tips!   If your tape bled then either you didn’t tape it down well or you waited too long to pull off the tape.

(this is why the base has to be completely dry because I patted that tape down so nothing would bleed through!  That means no bubbles or lifted at the edge of the nail where the tip is.)

While looking for pictures on the process I came across this one:

I can’t read this language but how neat!?  Now I have new use for the binder hole mender things!  Do people still use those on paper?
I guess round stickers would work too.  I always say: Hey, if it works, go for it! 😀

Now there are other fancy nail arts out there using pinking shears or fancy shapes.  The point is have fun, right?  Me, I’ma stick to frenchs for now.  Incidentally, once you get really good at the tips you won’t even need the tapes anymore!   You end up with painted fingers sometimes, but it saves you the tape. 🙂  (getting polish off fingers is easy.  cotton tipped stick soaked in a bit of polish remover, go over fingers and voila! done.  Or you can go take a bath… that’s what I do.  Nail polish comes off easy for some reason after your skin’s soaked in water.)

This site (the one I found this round pic from) has a lot of fun projects.  You don’t need to read the language, just look at the pics, they’re not hard to figure out. 🙂 or you could go perusing over youtube.   Lots of nail art things there.

One day I’ll get my camera together and maybe do my own youtube…something like…how to get your left hand to not mess up your nail polish on your right hand! haha 🙂

See ya! 😀


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