DIY Nails. YUP! I’m *that* frugal!

Originally posted on Sunday, January 29, 2012 at another blog site

So… I’ve been taking to doing my own nails.  Why?  Because I see no point in paying someone to do what I can do on my own.  The tips, OK I get it, those were hard but now my nails have grown out and to be honest, the “fill” they do is not that hard.  I can’t waste 20 or more bucks on something that simple.  I rather waste it on something useful or treating myself to stuff more worthy… pleasurable… you know…?

You tube to the rescue!  A few tips here and there and I’m set to go! 🙂

I buy something called PRO IQ from like Rite Aid.  It works OK I guess… but why is the acrylic so rubbery!?!?  Weird…  Well, it worked for the purpose…

I’ve since moved on to Beauty Secrets who I’m told is OK but ASP is better.  We’ll see…

I’m doing alright with the Beauty Secrets so far and as frugal as I am, you know I’m going to spend the whole thing before I move on to ASP.

I should mention, I’m already kind of ambidextrous as far as putting nail polish on both hands.  Since filling is pretty much nail polish addition, although a bit thicker and patting not stroking, it does help that I already have the skill.

Lesson to learn… if you can’t do both hands, learn how to do that before you attempt this.  Another lesson to learn is not to forget steps… I ended up with a “lift” from the a) sucky PRO IQ stuff but also because I forgot to do primer… also, it helps to use the dehydrador stuff…and the cuticle oil.  It takes me practically all day to do the nails but that’s because I’m still learning.  Once I get it down it should take me the same as the salon or less. 🙂

Til next time!!  But remember, it’s not spring yet… no planting! ;D


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