Life sure has its ups and downs doesn’t it?

originally posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at another blog

One minute you’re a rock star and the next someone flattens your tires!  Well that’s alright… as I learned from someone quite awesome named Roger Anthony, who founded Crocodiles not Waterlilies, when life throws you an obstacle, you need to get excited like the platypus!  You know why?  Because, he says, behind said obstacle is a prize you were waiting for, a delicious morsel like one you’ve never tasted before!

Well, that was my take on what he said.  His way was much more eloquent, of course.  He touched my very soul the day I met him and he’s so down to earth!  I was very privileged to meet him.

Roger Anthony

So with that in mind, the holidays are upon us and normally some of us get depressed around this time of year.  Mourning over families you never had, friends you had and have moved on, past loves, past losses of any kind, etc. etc.  Every year it seems we feel more and more alone and the holidays just seem to point out the obvious, everyone has someone but me.  You could be surrounded by a mob and feel like the loneliest person on earth!

Well, much like what I said last year, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  I even created a group on facebook for this purpose, so we can all remember that we are never alone.  There is always someone else who feels as you do and therefore, you are not alone, we are all connected.

But unlike last year, I also say, it does NOT have to be this way anymore!!

You can actually CHOOSE to be happy without anyone in the world, in the crowd or by yourself, you can be fulfilled and NOT be lonely.  Life is about choices and though sometimes you get the sucky choices, you STILL get a choice.

Don’t let ANYONE take away your choices!  Not even yourself.

So this year, fellow “I hate the holidays” folks, let’s shed off that coat and try on a new one.  One that says, “I’m OK during the holidays!”  I am loved, beautiful, fantastic, and people want to be with me and they will be, as long as I LET them in!!

So let’s share the spirit of love and sharing, let someone in your life and be open.  It’s scary as hell, trust me, I know (!) but so worth it, I promise you!!!


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