ObamaCare…? What do I know about Obama Care?

Not much…

I’m sorry if that upsets you.  I was a little busy trying to survive in a minimum wage world.  A world where it costs a couple of grand just to rent a shoe box or a world where money is more important than people.  I was busy trying to figure out how to care for myself and my family while figuring out if we’re eating this month or paying bills or getting our lights shut off…

That sounds far fetched to a lot of you but believe it or not, I hear the story a lot.  It’s not an unusual story.  So this post I’m writing in that perspective.  The down and out and the misled…  If it sounds depressing, I did my job.  If it doesn’t, something’s odd about you but I love your optimism!

Now the idea that we would ALL get healthcare sounds FABULOUS.  They do it in Europe, right?  It seems to work well there.  In England you get yourself all patched up in a jiffy! No red tape or other garbage to deal with or go through… at least not when it comes to health insurance.  But we aren’t in England or in Europe.  We’re in the U.S. of A.  Land of the free to do whatever…or so people think.

People who love money know how to get through the loops.  OH, you want me to pay for healthcare?  I’m sorry, what? ME? LOSE MONEY!? OH HELL NO!!  What’s the loop around?  Oh… they have to work more than X hours for me to pay?  WONDERFUL!!   Guess what everyone, you’re all demoted.  We’re only going to let you work 20 hrs or LESS in a week.  And if you’re big enough to be a chain, they just make you sign a thing that says doesn’t matter, you’ll NEVER get Obamacare.  Don’t ask, you’ll never get it, doesn’t matter the hours, we just aren’t paying and we know the tricks.  True story from McDonald’s employee…

Now, on paper, the insurance plan Obama proposed sounds awful and Republicans (and others) are protesting for various reasons.  I protest both Republicans AND Democrats because for as long as I’ve known politics, they’ve been EXACTLY the same people just wear different colours, one wears blue the other one red, but it’s the same friggin people.  So do I LIKE the idea of healthcare for all? YES.  Do I think it’s going to happen?  HELL NO.

I see ourselves further and further into debt, a depression and whatever is lower than that.  I am pretty sure the country’s about to be run into the ground.  Hell, we already had a government shut down.  What I’m envisioning is NOT that far fetched.  But who knows, I could be wrong.  We could all be A OK or business as usual.

I think Obama SHOULD have said, “Healthcare for all, REGARDLESS of their hours.”  Or simply “take care of your workers since they make so much money for you!”  but we know that wasn’t going to fly.  We know Democrats don’t want to pay for the health insurance ANY MORE than Republicans do.  Oh sure, they ACT like they do, but trust me, these rich folk aren’t giving up pennies for anyone.  We are, after all, still a capitalistic and independent society.  Dog eat dog and every man for him/herself.  Nothing new there and I don’t expect that to change.

So what do I know about Obama Care?  I know it’s stressing us “little” people out.  I also know that a lot of us are too poor to care.  We need to survive first, however that happens.  Rent out our shoe boxes for 2K a month… decide to buy food vs. bills, get shut out next month, buy electricity vs. food, at least until one of them gives… usually the bills…  but that’s the U.S. of A for you.
It’s the part no one tells you about… the part that illegals don’t know about…  For good reason… we WANT to keep the illusion that someday you’ll go somewhere but in reality?  You probably won’t…

It’s like Hollywood… 3 million people or so want to be stars…not even 1 percent make it… the rest turn into regular folk, like you and me, and out of those folks, some turn to illegal activities.  Dog eat dog world.  Welcome to America.  Now go home…
No, seriously… the grass is always greener!

That reminds me of the so called immigration reform… I wonder how many of THOSE people, if they knew the truth, would really be pushing for this?  Me, I hope it passes.  Then they could realise just how crappy it is to live here if you’re poor.  But hey, at least we’re given the illusion of opportunity.

And I realise we’re spoiled here in the U.S. with our running water and abundance of food we throw out all the time while people starve…  it’s why I stay here.   But I have to wonder, who’s eyes should we look at the U.S. through?  The rich people who are so out of touch with reality or the little people who struggle every day?  Is there a happy medium somewhere?  I hope so.  I really do.


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