Smooth as a baby’s butt face masque

I have talked about this masque I made up from a bunch of different sources.  It uses turmeric powder, olive oil, milk/cream, honey, lemon juice, and chickpea flour.  It’s very similar to the Indian Bridal masque thing but I added more ingredients.

Today I added coconut oil and fat free yogurt but left out the lemon juice because I don’t have any.  Summer’s coming though, I should have some shortly!  In any case, the added ingredients proved a little meh…

I’m sure they are fine but it made things too oily and the masque didn’t dry up and stay on, I was like Mrs. Doubtfire with her cake frosting masque thing, haha.

In any case, should you try to do my masque thing I suggest you don’t use coconut oil.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about coconut oil but it doesn’t work for this masque.

The coconut oil is better to eat and perhaps as general moisturizer (it does make a great deodorant!)  The reason it doesn’t work for this is because while the consistency was “soft like a cream” when I mixed it up so it made the texture normal but when applied to the face it melted the coconut oil (as it should have) and made the things way goopier.

I tried it (some time later) with the yogurt and added back the lemon juice and it was fine which led me to conclude that it was the coconut oil’s consistency that made it droopy and melty.  No biggie though.  My face was still smooth like a baby’s butt so I’m not complaining.  But should you want to use coconut oil just make sure you have a towel around you so the drips don’t get all over the place.

Oh, one more thing.  If you have a streak like I do, or your hair is light, put something on it so the turmeric doesn’t come in contact with it.  Tumeric loves to stain things so word to the wise.  I accidentally stained my streak and while it does go away after a while, people might wonder why you have a weird piece of yellow around your face…

Which also reminds me, if your face is light, test the mixture on an inconspicuous spot.  Check to make sure you don’t add too much turmeric and make your face go yellow.  It DOES go away but it takes a few days so if you don’t mind looking a bit ill for a while, then don’t pay attention to this part.

I have an olive skin tone and it’s light to medium (closer to medium) so the turmeric I use doesn’t look bad.  If you have darker skin it probably makes things glow and pretty.  But if you’re super fair to light or light to medium closer to light, please test it first.  I don’t want you guys to come yell at me because I turned your face yellow!

For the super light skin tones I would probably leave out the turmeric if even a tiny pinch turns you yellow.  The other ingredients will work fine to make you have a smooth face.  I think the turmeric is mostly to make your skin glow with warmth but like I said, I don’t know too much about what it will do to really like skin tones.  So please, please, please, do a test run on a spot that is not that visible aka inconspicuous.

Happy rubbing your face after it feels like a baby’s butt soft!   That’s what I do anyway, haha 😀  I can’t get enough of my smooth face after using this.


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