From my stand to your ears… A Cashier’s life…

A little humour from the “stands” at your grocery store. We Cashiers are friendly folks but we’re not your therapists… if we were, we’d be bar tenders and make a heck of a lot more money!!

In any case, here’s a tip. If we ask you if you want your milk (or other beverage container/thing) in a bag we’re only looking for a “yes please.” or “no thank you.” If you aren’t polite a simple ys or no is fine. We aren’t looking to “catch you” or anything. We’re not looking to see if it’s OK to give you the bag for your milk. I promise you, this isn’t a pass or fail question and by no means a test of any kind.

NO NEED TO WORRY! It’s just a question!

We don’t really care that you have to walk 6 miles up your lovely home and thus need the milk bagged. We don’t care that you have to go upstairs, walk four miles to your car, or that your cat gets upset because you didn’t put the milk in a bag. I’ll even go point blank and say we don’t care that you want it bagged because you want to avoid cold hands!  Seriously, it’s just a question we ask sometimes.  No need to feel like this:

No one’s going to stamp an F on your receipt in bright red marker pen because you asked us to bag your milk.  We aren’t going to be angry at you for asking us to bag your milk so you don’t have to justify WHY you need it bagged.  Honestly I see people give me this look when I ask the question:
Like I have just asked me to give me your firstborn child or give up your kidneys.  Believe me, I don’t want either of those things at the moment I ask you.  So again, just RELAX!  It’s only a question.

The same goes for double bagging stuff. If you REALLY want all that plastic, have fun, but really, we don’t are why you need it double bagged. I just think you’re a bit odd for wanting all that plastic, lol. But then, you probably think it’s odd I can start and end a conversation in 30 seconds… haha. 🙂

In any case, if you want to tell us your whole life story, that’s fine. Just remember your time is up when we’re done bagging/checking out your stuff. I don’t want to be rude or anything but if I have other people in like you HAVE to go… I won’t ever tell you that, but that’s what I’m thinking.  I’m sure so are the people behind you.  I don’t want to be mean but if we’re busy you’re making it worse for the people behind you.   The last thing I need on a stressful day is to have people who are upset/angry because they’re standing in line too long.  We’re not an amusement park.  You get no ride at the end of the line, if anything you’re emptying your wallet more…

Which reminds me… when you check out is NOT the time to look for your long lost lipstick or pen.  Nor is it the time to count the million pennies so you can pay with cash.  Sometimes you have no choice and I get that, you HAVE to pay with a check vs. plastic of some sort.  Maybe you’re an older person and it takes you awhile to get your things, that’s fine.  I’m just asking you to be considerate to your fellow man.  I get paid whether your there for 30 seconds or 3 hours but I’m pretty sure the people behind you don’t have that kind of patience…  Just a word to the wise… 😉   And yeah, that picture shows a girl but guys do it too. So I’m saying this to EVERYONE.

Now…  on the other hand, If we’re not busy by all means, tell me your whole life story.  I won’t mind.  I chose this job because I love listening to stories and to people.    And yeah, maybe I should have been a bartender… but I like sober people better.  Now open on lane (insert number here) just for you!



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