This Hobby Lobby thing is going crazy. I am not a Christian but I kind of side with this company.

Kind of, I say, because I don’t want Christianity to define who I am. All my life I’ve been “saved” by Christians… I’m a proud heathen… I am not going to start with a religion that killed, maimed, tortured, and raped my people. But I get it, not all Christians are bad. I’ve just run into the bad apples, sadly enough, for most of my life. I have met a couple of good ones though, so I know they exist.  I am glad they’re not all like this:

Back to Hobby Lobby though…  They’re a business, a Christian business, but a business nonetheless.  Now, I don’t know the WHOLE story but from my understanding they simply said “We’re not going to pay for the morning after pill or anything like that because it’s against our religious belief to promote abortion.”

Anyone who knows devout Christians knows this is true for them.  They don’t believe in abortion.  Some are extreme and don’t believe in birth control, period, but this business isn’t that extreme.  Heck, we should all be glad they provide health care at all.  Most places around me don’t give employees access to such things.  We usually have to find and pay for our own.  In which case I say, lucky Christians… at least the reast of their care is taken cared of…and let’s be honest… do they not promote absenteeism anyway? Do they not say no sex before marriage?  And let’s say they allow sex before marriage, then I’m sure they say be protected so you never have to worry about the morning after pill.

Either which way, the people working for and in Hobby Lobby never had issues with the regulation of no morning after pill.  Why?  Because they’re all of the same mind.  So why would they even care?  They don’t see anythign wrong with what the company stands for and what they will or won’t pay for…and that there, is the bottom line.  It’s the rest of the world that has issues.

It got so out of control that my facebook is blowing up about how they don’t want to pay for birth control or how they decide what healthcare you get.   Well folks… that’s what having a JOB is about.  Someone else dictating what you do with your own life.  Think about it…  This boss tells you when to come to work, when to leave, when to go to break, when to eat lunch, when to go to the bathroom, and in most cases, all they care about ist hat you produce and make money for THEM and in the meanwhile they give you the penny leftovers.  So is it any wonder they would dictate your healthcare too?   Hobby Lobby isn’t the first company to say well, we’re going to pay for X but not Z.  If you’re too high risk, you don’t get “that” insurance… in fact, they say well gee, you only work X hours but you need to be working Y hours before you can get insurance.  basically, your boss is your life…or rather, they tell you what to do all the time.  Hell, some will send you home with homework so you can be productive for them on your OWN time… yeah, they don’t even pay you for that….  You just better have it done or you’re fired.  Sound familiar?

I'm the boss

So what’s the solution?  Work for yourself or find a new job or quit your bitching.  All of those choices and plenty more I haven’t thought of are THERE for you if you come across a situation at work you don’t like.  Not all choices are pretty and in a bow…  if you work for yourself you have to work way harder and often the rewards don’t show up for a long time!  But it’s worth it to be independent, believe me.

Now as a business owner I wouldn’t want the government or anyone else telling me what I can and can’t do in my business… for example, if you were a vegan and the government came and said now you have to eat meat for one meal a day you’d be pissed.  Especially if the consequence is you go to jail where they have NOTHING vegan there.

So Hobby Lobby was pushed up the wall.  The government said  hey, you need to pay for the morning after pill and they said no, we don’t believe in promoting abortion, we’re not doing it.  And the government said oh yeah?  Well guess what, you HAVE TO… it’s mandated or else.  They chose the else…which was… go to court and win the case based on religious freedom.

And that’s all this was about… they didn’t want to be forced to do something they felt was wrong.  It would be like if I was business owner who suddenly had to pay for poachers because they were endangered or because they were important somehow.  I’d be pissed and I’d flat out refuse.  I’d close my business before I let that happen…  And  I don’t know if Hobby Lobby would have closed their doors if they had lost but I’m sure they had as much passion and conviction in their belief as I do in regards to getting rid of all poachers, child molesters, animal abusers or cruelty promoters/offenders, rapists, and murderers.  For me, this is the preferred state for those folks: I agree with Hobby Lobby.  Government has no right to tell you what to do.  However, the government DID open a can of worms by letting this happen.  They DO have to now make sure they enforce the same right for all religions, not just Christian.  Which means, based on religious POV’s now a business can deny or accept whatever the want.  Is that fair?  Maybe not, but if it bothers you, the simple solution is don’t shop there.

Not too long ago I read about a business that didn’t cater to gay people or transgenders.  So, I say, OK, no problem.  We, who support equality for all, just won’t shop there.  Barilla pasta company which is my favourite brand, or it was, rather, is anti gay, so I won’t buy that anymore.  Neither do a bunch of other people.  In my opinion, it’s not my call to say whether gay is right or wrong.  I let people live as they want as long as they aren’t doing something with minors or animals.  What two consenting adults do in the bedroom is NONE of my business, just keep it out of my face.  And that goes for heterosexuals too.  I don’t need your extreme PDA in my face.

Now it’s possible I have the whole story wrong and Hobby Lobby is worse than I think but from a business POV I say hey, don’t tell me how to run my business.  Clearly you can’t even run your own (because our government officials tend to suck) so don’t tell me what to do.  Get yourself together and we’ll talk, alright? Alright…  Peace, three cents,  and out!


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