When I first heard this song, I was like, what an idiot… now I’m thinking, wow, how sweet!

And I don’t even LIKE sappy crap.  I don’t like most Bruno Mars songs or Bryan Adams or Dave Matthews…or well.. the list goes on and on…  if it’s sappy crappy, I don’t like it!  Well this song is from a band called A Great Big World…and of course, titled “Say Something”

Now this song had me going, what a dumb song.  Say something, I’m giving up on you.  Yeah right, who’s going to say something to that!?  And WHY would s/he say something?  He’s GIVING UP on him/her!!

So yes, I ranted a bit and then Pandora decided to have other plans and send me the song twice while I was working and I paid attention to the lyrics and the tone of the song.  I also assumed he’s talking about a girl but I could be wrong, doesn’t matter.  I’m going to use “she” anyway.

So here’s what I found out.  He sings, “Say Something, I’m giving up on you/ I’ll be the one, if you want me to/ Anywhere I would’ve followed you”

And I think wait, what… he’s talking about a crush or a love or something, right?  Clearly it wasn’t that he was a dick.  He was actually in love or had deep feelings for someone.

“Say something, I’m giving up on you/ And I am feeling so small/ It was over my head/ I know nothing at all/ And I will stumble and fall/ I’m still learning to love/ Just starting to crawl”

And clearly he’s pining for a 12 when he’s probably a 3…   Or he could be a 10 and she’s the one being a dick…   Or maybe she’s a ditz and doesn’t realise he’s in love with her… but I’m goign to go for option 3.  She’s just not that into him… she friend zoned him so far into the stratosphere, poor guy has no chance in hell…or the chemistry was wrong…or who knows… either which way, the poor guy has no chance of a relationship with said girl.

Lord knows we’ve all been there.  Pining for some dude (or girl if you’re into that) and come to find out he just DOESN’T feel the same way…for whatever reason you’re just “not it” for him.  I’ve had a few of those things happen but ey, you live, you move on and I’m guessing this guy is doing that with this song.  But before he does that, he’s hoping… just hoping that maybe there’s a sliver of a chance… that maybe, just maybe…she’s a ditz…  And I can relate to that.  You give the guy hints and you sledgehammer him as best you can without coming off creepy but the dude’s oblivious or (more than likely) he’s just not into you that way…but wouldn’t it be nice if just ONCE you were wrong?

“Say something, I’m giving up on you/ I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you/ Anywhere I would’ve followed you/ Say something, I’m giving up on you”

And then your heart bleeds…  You keep wishing you were wrong…

“And I will swallow my pride/ You’re the one that I love/ And I’m saying goodbye”

And you keep thinking just give me one small iota of an inclination… I want to hang on to the smallest of all hope even a shard of a broken piece at the bottom of the deepest well will do!!  Just please give me SOMETHING!  Since I live in the land of illusion, this line actually hits close to home.  I hate saying goodbye.  I hate starting over.  I hate giving up on things that maybe, just MAYBE, could work out… and I mull over things waaaay too much and for waaaay too long!

Now I don’t know who A.C. is but it seems to fit with what I’m saying.  I like to stay a dreamer for just one more moment…  I know it’s too good to be true, that crush will never feel the same way as I do, but hey, just ONE more moment!!   And my singer?  Well, even at the last part, he’s the same way…  He’s still just pining for that one moment where she will turn and give him that piece so he can remain a dreamer…  Hoping against hope…  He knows better but just can’t seem to stop…  And given the same situation, I didn’t give up… I just put things away… but had I had that shard, I would have been the happiest ever.  But alas, that shard, neither mine, nor his… ever happened…

“Say something, I’m giving up on you/ And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you/ And anywhere I would’ve followed you (Oh-oh-oh-oh)/ Say something, I’m giving up on you/ Say something, I’m giving up on you/ Say something…”

And I realise people will think this is just stupid because you’re setting yoruself up for heart ache but what I say is sometimes, all you need is a dream… it’s that dream that keeps you alive…and who are we, if not dreamers?  What’s the point of life without dreams?  And who knows, maybe I hate the sappy songs because well, they remind me of these “heartbreaks” i set myself up for… or maybe I’m an unrequited romantic soul…  And the sappy songs remind me that I haven’t met that “one” yet… and well… no one wants to be reminded of that, do they?

In any case, I still hate the sadness in this song but now I get it.  And if I had a song for how I have felt before, this would probably sum it up.  I hope this singer finds his “one” and then he can sing happy songs again.  In the interim, I guess we’ll both be waiting…

Send us some luck. eh?  haha. But just remember, if you’re in our boat, at least we’re not alone! 😀


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