Gracie’s in Vallejo

The food?  Yeah, some of it is good and some is OK.  And their apple pie is Fantabulous!  I like their ribs and their smoked chicken sandwich.  Their salad is OK but I’m not a fan of canned beans in my salad so if they did actual beans, maybe that’d be OK.  I’m not from the south though, so that could be why I’m not a fan of the salads.

Love their jar glass decorations, I think it’s quaint and cute.  So I come back to this place, mostly because of their apple pie which in case I didn’t mention it before (and I know I did) it’s friggin AWESOME!!  They do have other dessert things:  Lemon pound cake, cherry pie, and peach pie, all in individual (or if you’re thin, shareable) sizes.  They also have iced teas and ice tea lemonande drinks which are served in big jar glasses.  Kinda cool, if you ask me!  Gives you the feel of having sun tea from the south.  (Says the girl who’s never been to the south but has seen it in movies and what have you’s, and heard about it)

They get an “OK” three stars because the staff leaves something to be desired.  They get you order then promptly forget about you.  You ask for separate checks and they put everything in one.  They act like they don’t really want to be there.  So the food is good but the staff makes it bleh…    Why do some restaurants hire people who hate their job, I have no idea but I wish they would stop.  Makes it so no fun for us customers!  Do the managers not realise that their staff might as well do this when their staff sees a customer?

Seriously, that’s how it feels sometimes.  Like you bothering them by ordering or god forbid want something else, they act like you just destroyed their whole way more important world and you’re a burden.  I mean, if you don’t want to attend to people, WHY are you a waiter/waitress/host?   Someone want to tell me what I’m missing?

Anyway, back to Gracie’s, I’m telling you, if their apple pie wasn’t to die for I wouldn’t come back as much.  They’re a little pricey for what they are but it’s not horrible.  I’ve seen worse for less quality food.  (Read my review on Red Robin’s to see what I mean)

If you guys are spice wimps like myself you won’t find that much that won’t be too spicy for you.  For the rest of you, I think you’ll find the spice metre OK if not good.  Their chili was way hot for me, which probably means it’s OK for the rest of the world.  Their hot links, I’m told, are really good.  I won’t even try to pretend I’m going to eat one.  But I had two people order them and tell me they were good and they like spicy stuff so there you go… One of them is from Louisiana so I’ll trust she likes southern spicy stuff.

Anyway, I hope they get better servers but until then, I’ll be coming back periodically for their apple pie.  The day they stop making those is the day I don’t come back.  I’m fickle like that. haha.


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