Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Beige Cat Tree

cat treeThis is what it looks like on the website

I don’t think this tree will last a long time but it’s good for now.    The cats seem to enjoy it!  The mice are good toys but yeah, the top one didn’t make it past one day.  The base itself is too small, in my opinion, for how tall the tree is so the top tends to wobble.  I have two full grown cats and two kittens.  When the big guy jumps up to the top, it wobbles a bit.  He’s not a huge cat so I can imagine a full size tom (our cats are all spayed/neutered) or a main coon type would probably break this thing faster.

But since our biggest cat is probably 15 lbs, it’s not too bad.  The twine on this thing is thin (maybe 1/8th of an inch size sisal) but it serves the purpose, for now.  I give it a couple of weeks before those are broken.  We do have proper scratching posts (at least 1/4th of an inch sisal) and those last about a month or two at most.  Our cats love those things!

The “fur” on the box and shelf things is soft.  I thought it’d be more carpety but no, it’s soft fur.  I’m not sure it would last long against stratching but our cats (so far) haven’t done that yet.  They do look comfy!  The ramps, imo, are a joke but ey, I guess it could help cats that can’t jump?  I don’t know, we have fairly young cats (they’re like 5 and 6, and the kittens) so they don’t use the ramps at all.

The kittens tend to like climbing up the sisal posts instead or just jump straight up.  The grown ones just jump up.  I haven’t really seen anyone use the bottom cubbie box thing but I’m sure low dwelling cats would.  They like the top cubbie and of course, the shelves.  No one’s fought over them yet, so it seems to be plenty of room for all.

Overall, I think, for the price, it’s a good tree.  This is the three cats enjoying the tree.  The other one is miss diva, so apparently she didn’t have good hair or something… in other words, I haven’t gotten her picture yet.  She likes to pay on one of the shelves and slumber.  But when I get near her with the cam, she leaps away, haha.  Silly kitty!

three cats in the tree 2 three cats in the tree20150204_220404[1]


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