Sushi King in Fairfield, in that strip mall that has Costco and Safeway in it.

I went in at lunch time so maybe that’s why stuff was kinda speedy and more welcoming than the other reviews around here.  My food took a bit to make, my guess is, because of the lunch rush but it was good.  I got the bento box with 2 items and it was like 15 bucks I want to say?  Maybe it was 13… either way, not sure how the other guy got his 3 item one for 10 so if anyone knows let me know!!  I got teriyaki beef and california roll.

The bento box looked normal except I have no idea why they think a salad is just iceberg lettuce.  Maybe they ran out of the the other stuff…?  I have no idea.  The dressing was good though so I got what I could and poured it over the rice.   I like doing that to steamed rice because, well, I don’t like my stuff plain…  Yes it had like 5 or 6 black sesame seeds but it’s just not… enough…?   Anyway, if I don’t have salad dressing I use the teriyaki sauce…anything to make it taste like something!

Speaking of which, the teriyaki beef was soft and well seasoned.  The CA roll was fresh tasting and all in all it was a good experience.  I even got a have a nice day and a thank you as I was leaving.  That’s always pleasant.  They weren’t as attentive during my meal as I’d like but I wasn’t completely forgotten either so I gave a small tip.  If they knew that I make people work for their tips, they should feel complimented that they got something.

As for the aesthetics of the place?  Well it’s nothing to write home to mom about… it’s like a little hole in the wall in a strip mall.  I wouldn’t expect a 5 star in one of those places so it fit in with everything else, in my opinion.  Is it good for kids?  I don’t know it’s kind of small, but maybe!  I didn’t see a high chair or anything but I don’t have small kids so I don’t know…  They do serve alcohol in the form of sake as you’d expect but I don’t know about anything else as I’m not a drinker.  They have a TV but it’s the sports channel and this time they had golf so… zzzzz  for me…  Price varied depending on what you order, I’m sure it can get expensive fast as their rolls are pricey!

All in all it was pleasant, like I said.  I wouldn’t say “Yay! I’m a fan!” so that’s why they don’t get 4 stars but I think if I go back and they get more attentive, perhaps I should try dinner time? then I might be a fan.  For now, it’s just a nice sushi place to go to… Next week or so I’m going to try the other place…it’s a Japanese Steak House..? I forget the name.  Anyway, be on the look out for that restaurant and yes, I promise to get the name right to that one.


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