Taco Bell’s Boss Nachos!

Holy smokes those things are huge!

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Those aren’t mine but it looks very similar.  They give you a huge tray with a pile of chips, meat, cheese, with the nice shredded cheese on top and the three tiny dolops of sour cream, guac, and pico?  Whatever they’re calling that version of what looks like pico.

I love their Nachos Bellgrande and Supreme, this is just a huger version.  I liked their XXL and wow, these are like all of those but with the shredded cheese twist.  They look more like “real” nachos.

But if you’re into spice, you should probably put some hot sauce or habanero or something in them.  I’m the super big wimp when it comes to spice and these go down easy so yeah, not too spicy at all, some would probably say it’s bland in the spice comparison.

Either which way, I enjoyed it on my “who cares, no calories today” day!  Because let’s be honest, these are probably enough to feed a family in some other country.  Just goes to show, the cheaper the food, the worse it is for you.  These babies were like 5 bucks with the drink included (a large soda or whatever for a dollar.)

In case you were curious, these are 1130 calories…which means, if you’re a girl, you pretty much maxed out your calories for the day.  Add a sugar soda and you’re toast.   So like I said, it’s for the who cares about calories day, just don’t do it very often and you’ll be OK! 😀

Alright that’s it for me in this short and sweet review.  Y’all know what Taco Bell is so it’s nothing super new.  However if you have questions because you don’t have a Taco Bell where you are, post me a comment, I’ll answer as best I can.  Thanks for reading!


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