Quick Nippet about Star Wars’ new movie, NO SPOILERS


I saw the first three movies, which were actually 4, 5, & 6 I guess?  Then later on I saw the real first three movies.  All in all they were good stories.  I think they went well together as trilogies.  The jump from 3 to 4, however, well it was IMO a leap.   Anyway, I still enjoyed them.

Now we come to what 7, 8, 9?  And it’s another leap but this time it’s a good leap.  Enough time has passed where (at least in my world) no one’s tied to anything.  Yeah we had the old characters on there but the story was more about the new people.  At least from the trailer that’s what I understood, so please no screaming that I spoiled something.  I don’t think I have.

So without going into details, I’m going to say I enjoyed this story.  The caveat is, of course, I’m seeing the movie for what it is, not for a tie to the previous movies or the alternate universe or whatever other hardcore star wars fans out there hold onto when watching these things.   SO, if there is inconsistencies or things that didn’t make sense, I didn’t notice them.

I liked the action, the pace, the story.  There were bits that were too loud for my (I guess) older ears but that’s true of most action movies which I think that’s what this is.  Did I miss the sexy, young, Han Solo?  Yes I did, but that’s alright, we all get old.  Harrison Ford still looks good for an old man.  I wouldn’t date him, but he’s not bad on the eyes.  Anyway I digress.

I think if you saw the movie you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Maybe the better new is there is no Jar Jar Binks character, is that a spoiler?  Honestly, though, I liked Jar Jar.  He made me laugh and he was innocent goofy.  It was refreshing and I liked having him around.  I think I’m in the way minority though.  I maybe one of a tiny handful of people that liked him.   So like I said, go see the movie or rent it when it comes out.  Even if you’ve never seen the other Star Wars movies, I think you’ll like this one.  That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


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