Live Music Center in Vacaville, CA

This place is a hit or miss. Yes they have a bunch of stuff in stock but they’re not very busy either, not as busy as Gordon’s. Location is possibly a reason. One is on main street, downtown, and this one is a bit out of the way and near the exit of a freeway, but going the wrong way.

That said, I’ve been here a few times. Once I think I met the owner who was super nice and said “It’s hard to find good workers.” when I mentioned my previous visit that left me less than satisfied. Because of him I gave this place another go. Each time, it has been different. Sometimes people know what they’re doing and sometimes it’s like they hired someone from Walmart who barely knows what a note is…or they don’t care.

What’s taken the cake is I’ve ordered a couple of Ukes and it’s like they were forgotten orders. The first time I ordered, back in January, no one ever called. The second time I ordered, the owner called me a week after I had gone in and got a horrible experience and I think it was because of that, not because my Uke came in.

Outside of the one time, I’ve never seen the owners there, just young people staff. I think they need to be at their store more often if they care about their business. That’s one thing about Gordon’s. Outside of a Sunday, every time I’ve gone there, Mr. Gordon is at the store. Whether he’s a workaholic or likes to keep his staff in line, I don’t know, but if there’s a problem he’s there to fix it straight away.

I am not saying I’m never going to Live Music but there have been more bad experiences than good ones so I’ll probably go there for supplies. But when it comes to ordering instruments, I’m going to Gordon’s. They actually call you back when your instrument comes in, instead of putting it out on the floor to get sold first.

My guess is that’s what happened to my first Uke. It was put on the floor and then sold so no one called. Instead they kept lying and said it was on the order books and it’d be ordered soon. OR they just don’t order stuff often, which is weird, because if a customer is willing to give you their green, that should be your first priority, no? Maybe not…


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