I am Cnith but also the author of the series “In Dreams She Slept” now on kindle at Amazon.com with the name Catra Lynxey Tigress.  I’m an artist (graphic design, needlework, painting, drawing, etc.) and a dreamer.  My mind is on the constant go go go so I have a lot to say or do.  I’m never bored!  I started this blog to get some of the things out of my head, hence the title “Cnith’s Thoughts…” and recently I started videos on my youtube channel Cnith2.

As you can see, I have various hobbies and interests but my core has always been mother first, the rest will come later.  I raised my child as a single mother and have always put her first above a job and everything else.  I never compromised on that and as a “consequence” I have had several different jobs in my life time but I never felt good at any particular job, it was just something to pay the bills.  Writing is something I do naturally and I like reviewing stuff because I like giving opinions, who doesn’t?   What’s the difference between me and others?

Well, I’m brutally honest and that sometimes gets me in trouble but I don’t know how else to be.  I tell it like it is without fear.  I don’t believe in sugar coats and I can’t get bought out.  If I don’t like something, I will let you know and I’ll tell you why.  If I do, I’ll tell you why.  You don’t have to search for hidden meanings because I will tell you how I feel about something or how I see things.

People make promises they can’t keep all the time but I am from the old days where your word actually meant something.  If I make a promise, I will keep it, no matter what.  I promise to always give you an honest answer to whatever question you may have.  You may not like the answer so keep that in mind. 😉

Peace, Love, and HUGS!



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