Burger King, whyyy?! Your 5 for 4 sucks!

So… lately there’s been a lot of chatter in the fast food industry about your mini deals or great bang for your buck yeah yeah yeah’s…  McD’s has their 2 for 2 which here in Cali translates to 2 for 2.50 those jerks…! Wendy’s had their 4 for 4 and so I guess BK decided ey, we want to do something too!  AND SOOO… their deal comes in…5 for 4 and this is what comes in it:


But of course we all know this is plastic food… the real deal looks NOTHING like this…  In fact, mine was so sad the bacon looked like it was done six days ago and was pleading for it’s life!  It was burnt but not cooked well, how the heck does that happen!?

Anyway the burger itself was sad because the meat was tiny and I guess they left it in too long because it was leathery and tough, and the chicken nuggets were sorta burned…the fries are not the best (but that’s nothing new, I don’t really eat fries so they get a pass, I guess) and lastly the cookie… a flavourless round thing with something that resembles chocolate.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies as it is, but I’ve been known to much on a few Ms. Fields and even the chewy chips ahoys which you know, are kind of little disks of god knows what plastic cookies…  Even they’re tastier than the BK ones…

I’ll make this blog short because honestly, there isn’t much to say about it.  I have no idea what went wrong but this is THE WORST $4 (plus tax) I’ve ever spent.  Maybe it was that branch or maybe BK never had good baby burgers and nuggets…  I think I’ll stick to their Whoppers.  When it comes down to fast food burgers I still prefer them over others.  Unless you fancy Habit Burger which to me isn’t really fast food, but man, they’re the best!  I should write you a blog about that so stay tune!  Thanks for reading.

Just a poem

Sadness isn’t the word…

By Catra Lynxey Tigress



Today you left me all alone

Today I walked by myself

They say someone out there

carries you when you’re alone

but I don’t believe the fairy tale

I’m too old for that


Today you left me all alone

I know I’ll be OK


But not today

Today I walk alone

Just like that tired song


Today you left me all alone

I can’t always bear the pain

but I know I’m strong

I know it will be OK

It’s not easy to smile

No longer easy to pretend


Today you left me all alone

And I can’t mourn anymore

I forgot how to be numb

I forgot how to stop

I need a hug

But I can’t hug myself the same


Today you left me all alone

And now

I have to walk away too

Will I see you again?

Rainbow bridges or a fake heaven?

Maybe one day it’ll be OK…


Just not


This path is broken

My heart doesn’t know




I’m having a secret love affair!


Yes I know what you’re thinking… well it’s not so secret anymore, is it!  You’re writing the world about it, surely the other party will find out.  Nah, they won’t.  Firstly, they don’t ever read my blog, second, they don’t even go on the computer or a mobile device unless I’m on it and then they tend to distract me from it anyway so it doesn’t matter.  Let me explain:

The affair includes secret snuggles and pettings out of sight of my love.  I have a jealous love you see, so outright snuggles and pettings are out of the “OK”  realm, as I suppose, is rightly so, in their mind.  Have you ever seen so many commas?  Yes I’m digressing.  This isn’t an easy thing to admit!  Or maybe it is.  Do I feel guilty?  Only slightly…

It’s not that I don’t love my beloved, I do!  Wholeheartedly but you know how sometimes you just want two of something?  Kind of like seconds because well, the first one just wasn’t enough?  This is what’s happening.  It all started out so innocent, you see.  I was snuggling and petting my love and then, she jumped away and left me cold and unsnuggled.  I wasn’t unsatisfied but I also felt empty, does that even make sense?  Anyway I went and searched for a new love.   That way I would never be left un-snuggled.


So of I went to find that new love that would make it all OK.  I searched for a while.  I found one, but then my kid decided to take her.  She too was unloved and who am I to decide to leave my kid without love?  I’m not a cruel mama, so I let her have that second love.  And I was back on the search!  This time, I was looking high and low.  I found some that were kind of interesting but all were failing the love test, except the last one, who was sneezing.  I can’t have a sick love… no, no… that would spread to my first love and besides, they wouldn’t let me have her that way.  So I went home, alone, again.  Hubs said we should have taken her anyway but I don’t know, I guess it just wasn’t time yet.  Hubs, you see, supports this affair.  He has no qualms about it.  Why?  Well, let me tell you some more.

It has nothing to do with the fact that my love is female.  I know, most guys love the whole two female thing but that’s not what’s happening here.  You see, my love, doesn’t have that much to do with him.  She might sit for a spell but she’s fickle.  She only loves for a bit then runs off, she’s very much the diva.  Her rules, her way, her attention or lack of, much like a dominatrix, in a sense, except there are no whips or chains, just claws…  I get scratched quite a bit.  But I don’t mind, I like having her love.  Have you guessed by now?

Hubs doesn’t really need as much attention from her anyway, so that could also be why…  Anyway, back to my story… I went back to searching and wouldn’t you know it?  I found him!   He was one of, I think, three choices again.  The shelter, where he lived, was full and they lied about his age.  He was tiny but oh the loves!  He was perfect!  I took him home and he’s been loving ever since.  I feel complete!  But this is how the love affair started.   My love, being fickle, decided she was also jealous.   She made her presence known.  As I type she’s sitting here, completely ignoring me, but letting me know she’s here.  Don’t worry, she won’t read the computer but she’s definitely giving me this look, though she’s not looking at me right now:

So maybe now you understand why I have to have secret snuggles and pettings lest she find out!   She lets him know it’s not OK.   When she’s in full diva mode or snoring, I cuddle.  When I go to the restroom or early in the morning and my love is “tired” of me, I pet him and on occasion we even snuggle for a long time!   Sometimes she comes over and he runs off but for the most part, we’re doing OK.  And goodness is he loud about how pleased he is!   Good thing she doesn’t care too much about that.  She’s a bit loud herself but I think he’s louder!  I have no complaints.  It’s very soothing to hear that kind of pleasure and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  And you know?  He hasn’t clawed me once!  I’d say that was a bonus, but then how could he?  He’s not around enough for that, though he occasionally likes to nibble my hands but that’s not a big deal.  But against her, he stands no chance.  At least not yet… maybe when he gets older.  He’ll be bigger than her, no doubt!

For now, lucky for him, he’s not alone.  You see, when he came home we have another female who took him under her wing.  She protected him and, in a sense, acted like a surrogate mother to him.  He was very young, you see, when I got him.  They told me he was 4 months old and I knew better.   He was, at best, 2 months old and barely weighed anything.   He was already neutered and ready to go, so we took him home.  I’m sure the shelter was very happy to have one less mouth to feed.   Have you guessed by now?   I’m talking about our cats.

We have four.   One who might as well be a dog, he is most curious and lets people know he’s here but he’s not a bully unless you bring another animal in the house.  Then he’s pissy and growly for a few days (months?) and then he’s back to jolly again.  He did run out one of the cats, a gray male, who had no protector because his “sister” was my love.  She was a little diva back then!   I tried to protect him but cat against cat I was lost.  He ran away and I never got him back.   The rescue, where we got him, called about 3 months later I want to say? that they found him and were going to bring him back but after I told them the situation, they rehomed him.  I’m sure he’s happier now.  I was bittersweet.  Glad he was OK and sad he wasn’t here with me.  But now I understand why.

This new baby cat had our second female, a strong female who, I guess, is the equivalent of Mr. pissy, which we named Kink because his tail has a kink in it.  Yeah, we’re not that creative…  The second female is named Dash because she used to run around like a mad kitty from place to place.  She doesn’t do that anymore unless you want to cuddle, then she runs off and when she can’t I swear her eyes grow three times the size of her head and well, that’s just weird.   I think she should be called Bug but hubs wants to keep Dash, so there she is.  She’s very secure and maybe that’s why Munchie, the little guy, was able to “survive” Kink’s  mean streak.   Kink is fine with Munchie now, by the way.  That’s Kink chewing on the cord… Dash is the one on the top rank observing everything.  She was kind of top dog even when she was little, haha.

three cats in the tree

That little dark one there?  That was Shark.  She ate everything in her path and she could smell food from miles away.  She could be peacefully sleeping but if you went to the kitchen and got some food, suddenly you had a cat attached to your hip!  Unfortunately, she was also skittish.  She couldn’t survive the diva so she hid a lot.  We toyed with naming her Skittles for a while.  I loved her though.  I lost her in the fourth of July fire last year.  We took almost half an hour trying to catch her as we had to evacuate.  We finally did but her brain was broken.  She was so scared after that she was super skittles after we came home.   They day after, I went to work, came home and she was nowhere to be found.  I thought, becuase she was hiding a lot before, she was still scared from the fire insanity.  But no, I never found her.   We can only assume she ran out.  We looked high and low, left food out, etc. but my little one never came home…  It was probably her love I was missing before I got Munchie.  I can still hope that one day she comes back, she has a chip, but as time goes, it seems less likely.  But you never know, I might have 5 cats one day!

That was sad news, but if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have found Munchie, named because he likes to chew on a lot of things, my hands included, is my second love.  He’s the one I’m having the affair with.  As I said, he purrs up a storm but for now, I have to keep him “hidden” from the diva, as far as our affections are concerned.  Here are the duos, you can see Munchie with Dash, back when they both fit in one of the cat tree beds.  They don’t fit like that anymore…








But they still remain friends, together.  Now I bet you’re wondering where the diva cat is… well, surprisingly, her name is not Ms. Diva though it should be.  I told you, we aren’t that creative.  Her name is Furrette though originally I was planning on calling her silver, because of her colour… I should have know I was in trouble…at the rescue, her name was Princess.  Yup, she lives up to that name, except now I think it’s the queen.  But only to me, I think.  Dash and Kink tend to be the ones that go hey, what’s going on?  While Furrette is perfectly content ignoring  everyone and sometimes she does it so well you can’t even see her!  So, without further ado, here’s my love, the jealous cow, as I call her affectionately.  The one whom I love to see and she loves to ignore me, at least until she decides she wants the cuddles, then I can’t get her off me.  Unless hubs walks in, then I get scratched as she jumps off.  No sir, you can’t watch her cuddle!  That’s some kind of sacrilege!   Anyway, here she is in all her glory giving the, “And who said you can take a picture?!” look:Message_1413866887420[1]

That’s Kink again.  He’s into everything, so of course he’s in there too.  She’s more camera shy so I don’t have too many of her but the ones I do, Kink’s usually there too, haha.  The only reason he’s not there with Dash and Munchie is because he didn’t fit but chances are he was in another spot on the tree or nearby.  He loves to explore and if you have something in your hand he wants to know what it is, even if you just showed him.

I love my fur kids!  Every day is very entertaining.   Do you forgive me for having an affair?  I hope so!  I’m sure you have your own in some way or another.  And if you have a diva like I do, let me know!  Thanks for reading!

Edit:  I forgot to say all my cats are from rescue or from the shelter.  I’ve only had rescue pets and they’ve always been the best.  Please adopt from a rescue/shelter before buying.   You’ll be glad you did!

Quick Nippet about Star Wars’ new movie, NO SPOILERS


I saw the first three movies, which were actually 4, 5, & 6 I guess?  Then later on I saw the real first three movies.  All in all they were good stories.  I think they went well together as trilogies.  The jump from 3 to 4, however, well it was IMO a leap.   Anyway, I still enjoyed them.

Now we come to what 7, 8, 9?  And it’s another leap but this time it’s a good leap.  Enough time has passed where (at least in my world) no one’s tied to anything.  Yeah we had the old characters on there but the story was more about the new people.  At least from the trailer that’s what I understood, so please no screaming that I spoiled something.  I don’t think I have.

So without going into details, I’m going to say I enjoyed this story.  The caveat is, of course, I’m seeing the movie for what it is, not for a tie to the previous movies or the alternate universe or whatever other hardcore star wars fans out there hold onto when watching these things.   SO, if there is inconsistencies or things that didn’t make sense, I didn’t notice them.

I liked the action, the pace, the story.  There were bits that were too loud for my (I guess) older ears but that’s true of most action movies which I think that’s what this is.  Did I miss the sexy, young, Han Solo?  Yes I did, but that’s alright, we all get old.  Harrison Ford still looks good for an old man.  I wouldn’t date him, but he’s not bad on the eyes.  Anyway I digress.

I think if you saw the movie you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Maybe the better new is there is no Jar Jar Binks character, is that a spoiler?  Honestly, though, I liked Jar Jar.  He made me laugh and he was innocent goofy.  It was refreshing and I liked having him around.  I think I’m in the way minority though.  I maybe one of a tiny handful of people that liked him.   So like I said, go see the movie or rent it when it comes out.  Even if you’ve never seen the other Star Wars movies, I think you’ll like this one.  That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

Taco Bell’s Boss Nachos!

Holy smokes those things are huge!

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Those aren’t mine but it looks very similar.  They give you a huge tray with a pile of chips, meat, cheese, with the nice shredded cheese on top and the three tiny dolops of sour cream, guac, and pico?  Whatever they’re calling that version of what looks like pico.

I love their Nachos Bellgrande and Supreme, this is just a huger version.  I liked their XXL and wow, these are like all of those but with the shredded cheese twist.  They look more like “real” nachos.

But if you’re into spice, you should probably put some hot sauce or habanero or something in them.  I’m the super big wimp when it comes to spice and these go down easy so yeah, not too spicy at all, some would probably say it’s bland in the spice comparison.

Either which way, I enjoyed it on my “who cares, no calories today” day!  Because let’s be honest, these are probably enough to feed a family in some other country.  Just goes to show, the cheaper the food, the worse it is for you.  These babies were like 5 bucks with the drink included (a large soda or whatever for a dollar.)

In case you were curious, these are 1130 calories…which means, if you’re a girl, you pretty much maxed out your calories for the day.  Add a sugar soda and you’re toast.   So like I said, it’s for the who cares about calories day, just don’t do it very often and you’ll be OK! 😀

Alright that’s it for me in this short and sweet review.  Y’all know what Taco Bell is so it’s nothing super new.  However if you have questions because you don’t have a Taco Bell where you are, post me a comment, I’ll answer as best I can.  Thanks for reading!

Pearl on the River in Sacramento, CA

This place looks like it should be slightly upscale or high end in some way but that’s just the decor and the way the staff dress.  Walking in is pleasant, I guess.  There is a bar in front of you with a big screen should you go there just for drinks.  The dining room area looks nice and I’m not sure what the upstairs looks like but I’m guessing more of the same.   We got seated by the window with these two posts next to us.  Not all that flattering but well, it’s not their fault, I guess, those beams have to go SOMEwhere but you’d think they’d decide not to seat people there.  I felt bad for the wait staff who have to contort a little to get to us.

We sat for a bit and got offered some bread.  Mind you, they give you a tiny amount of sourdough bread and hard as heck butter with some green stuff in it, my guess is, herbed butter but have they not heard that butter should be at least room temperature?  For a trying to be upscale place you’d think that’d be hosting 101 but I guess not.  My date didn’t care for the butter.  He said there was some weird twang to it.  I used it to disguise the flavour of the sourdough.  I have to point out, that is not the restaurant’s fault.  I don’t like sourdough so at least the butter was bland enough or somehow counteracted the sourdough taste.  This might be why my date didn’t like it though, he LIKES sourdough, so he ate his plain.

The food itself was OK but for the price, I expect better, like WAY better!  The fried calamari was rubbery as all heck and the batter might as well be from some cheap trying to be tempura  place with NO flavour.  They offer you a way too tangy marinara type sauce and a wedge of lemon.  Trust me, nothing could save that appetizer except maybe some ranch but even then I’m not over the tough chewy bits.  So if that’s how you like your calamari, go for it.  I prefer mine tender and not overcooked.  I paid $11 dollars for this overcooked thing which I could do myself at home with that batter they sell in baggies at your local grocery store.

It’s late in the evening so I didn’t want a big plate, so I ordered an appetizer… mac and cheese.  I’m not entirely sure how that’s an appetizer but whatever, the portion was small and the taste was OK.  I paid $15 dollars.  Maybe I’m picky but shouldn’t the mac and cheese have some kind of flavour besides bacon?  Yup, there was bacon and there was chicken, though I suppose bacon flavoured chicken is some people’s favourite but not me.  I like different flavours and textures which they attempted by adding some kind of crushed croutons, I guess?  I’m not sure but it was a little crunch but again not much other flavour.   Maybe I’m more used to traditional mac and cheese, maybe high end mac and cheese is supposed to have little flavour but I doubt it.  They did use Orecchietes though as opposed to elbows which was a nice twist.  I didn’t mind that at all.

I tried a little of their clam chowder which my date had and he wasn’t too pleased with it.  I noticed that their bowl was more like a cup, so I can’t imagine what their cup must be like!  Perhaps an actual cup like from a measuring thing…that’s not a whole lot for 7 bucks!  For a dollar 50 more you get the bowl which, like I said, is more like a cup in other places.  The soup spoon didn’t even get covered by the time he hit the bottom, it was a little over half covered.  The flavour itself was alright, a little like unsalted canned but not horrible, it did have clams in it but I didn’t get any potato.  They didn’t specify which kind of clam chowder this was so maybe it wasn’t supposed to have potatoes.  To me, it was alright but I’ve had better which is why I rated this 2 stars overall.

I think for the price, they should try a little harder with their food.  It’s not completely horrible and if you’re seated in a nice area maybe you can see the river, all we saw was crawdads (another restaurant) and the marina posts, planks, walkways, and one boat parked there if you looked down so it wasn’t a great view.  I see no reason to have window seats at all but that’s my opinion.  Maybe it looks prettier in the day time.  I am not sure I’m coming back to this place but since it was nice looking, I can’t really give it a 1 star but it’s kinda close.

Anyway, if you like spending money for kinda mediocre this is your place.  I think next time I’ll check out Crawdads or Chevy’s next door.  Maybe they’ll actually have use for their window seats, I don’t know, but if I do I’ll let you know.  Thank you for reading.

Sushi King in Fairfield, in that strip mall that has Costco and Safeway in it.

I went in at lunch time so maybe that’s why stuff was kinda speedy and more welcoming than the other reviews around here.  My food took a bit to make, my guess is, because of the lunch rush but it was good.  I got the bento box with 2 items and it was like 15 bucks I want to say?  Maybe it was 13… either way, not sure how the other guy got his 3 item one for 10 so if anyone knows let me know!!  I got teriyaki beef and california roll.

The bento box looked normal except I have no idea why they think a salad is just iceberg lettuce.  Maybe they ran out of the the other stuff…?  I have no idea.  The dressing was good though so I got what I could and poured it over the rice.   I like doing that to steamed rice because, well, I don’t like my stuff plain…  Yes it had like 5 or 6 black sesame seeds but it’s just not… enough…?   Anyway, if I don’t have salad dressing I use the teriyaki sauce…anything to make it taste like something!

Speaking of which, the teriyaki beef was soft and well seasoned.  The CA roll was fresh tasting and all in all it was a good experience.  I even got a have a nice day and a thank you as I was leaving.  That’s always pleasant.  They weren’t as attentive during my meal as I’d like but I wasn’t completely forgotten either so I gave a small tip.  If they knew that I make people work for their tips, they should feel complimented that they got something.

As for the aesthetics of the place?  Well it’s nothing to write home to mom about… it’s like a little hole in the wall in a strip mall.  I wouldn’t expect a 5 star in one of those places so it fit in with everything else, in my opinion.  Is it good for kids?  I don’t know it’s kind of small, but maybe!  I didn’t see a high chair or anything but I don’t have small kids so I don’t know…  They do serve alcohol in the form of sake as you’d expect but I don’t know about anything else as I’m not a drinker.  They have a TV but it’s the sports channel and this time they had golf so… zzzzz  for me…  Price varied depending on what you order, I’m sure it can get expensive fast as their rolls are pricey!

All in all it was pleasant, like I said.  I wouldn’t say “Yay! I’m a fan!” so that’s why they don’t get 4 stars but I think if I go back and they get more attentive, perhaps I should try dinner time? then I might be a fan.  For now, it’s just a nice sushi place to go to… Next week or so I’m going to try the other place…it’s a Japanese Steak House..? I forget the name.  Anyway, be on the look out for that restaurant and yes, I promise to get the name right to that one.