McDonald’s has new Big Macs?!

It’s been a couple of weeks now but we went to McDonalds for a Caramel Frappe, which if you read my previous blog article is my new favourite starbucks.  They asked if we were interested in a Mac Jr or Grand Mac.. we’re like huh, what?  No… just the drinks.

Well today I decided to try the Jr because I’m not sure I can eat the Grand Mac when the Big Mac leaves me pretty dang full!  And you know what?  The Jr is the perfect size!

Whenever I go to Burger King, unless I’m completely famished, I get the Jr there and I’m totally fine.  But at McD’s I’d get their cheeseburgers which are good but you need two to fill up.  I usually get the kids meal because of the fun toy and well, enough other stuff to fill me up.  But now with the Jr, I don’t need to do that anymore.

Now granted, they JUST came out with this so it could be really good now and go carppy later as with the fish bites and the Angus burgers.  They start out awesome and then, I guess McD’s is like Meh and they aren’t as good anymore.  But I digress…

So before I ordered I asked what the difference is with the Jr. and they said the meat is different, it’s a little smaller than the quarter pounder (they aren’t kidding) but the rest is the same, pickle, lettuce, and mac sauce.   I was like OK and said I’ll try it.  I’m expecting a glorified overpriced cheeseburger but I was wrong.

This thing is kinda big in my hands. (I’ll save you the joke… yes, that’s what she said!)I opened it and was surprised.  I think that pun wasn’t intended but you never know…


I rotated it and the meat is as big as the bun!  When was the last time that happened at McD’s?!  Well OK, I don’t eat the quarter pounders so maybe they’re that big too, I don’t know but I can tell you that the normal Big Mac patties are NOT this size.  They’re skinnier and smaller.  So I’m thinking you get the same amount of meat and one less bun which is fine with me because saves calories and carbs!  I am pleasantly surprised with this Jr.

I’m thinking McD’s better start paying me for all this endorsement!  But this was a quinky dink.  They’re not Habit Burgers, which I still have to do that review but if you want fast food that fills you up and you have, I guess, a small stomach, this will do just nicely.

Til next time, thank you for reading and spring is almost here!  Does anyone really get that gardening joke? haha.  As usual, if you’d like to donate to my cause for a laptop click here.  If not, that’s cool too.  I love to write either way.


Taco Bell’s Boss Nachos!

Holy smokes those things are huge!

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Those aren’t mine but it looks very similar.  They give you a huge tray with a pile of chips, meat, cheese, with the nice shredded cheese on top and the three tiny dolops of sour cream, guac, and pico?  Whatever they’re calling that version of what looks like pico.

I love their Nachos Bellgrande and Supreme, this is just a huger version.  I liked their XXL and wow, these are like all of those but with the shredded cheese twist.  They look more like “real” nachos.

But if you’re into spice, you should probably put some hot sauce or habanero or something in them.  I’m the super big wimp when it comes to spice and these go down easy so yeah, not too spicy at all, some would probably say it’s bland in the spice comparison.

Either which way, I enjoyed it on my “who cares, no calories today” day!  Because let’s be honest, these are probably enough to feed a family in some other country.  Just goes to show, the cheaper the food, the worse it is for you.  These babies were like 5 bucks with the drink included (a large soda or whatever for a dollar.)

In case you were curious, these are 1130 calories…which means, if you’re a girl, you pretty much maxed out your calories for the day.  Add a sugar soda and you’re toast.   So like I said, it’s for the who cares about calories day, just don’t do it very often and you’ll be OK! 😀

Alright that’s it for me in this short and sweet review.  Y’all know what Taco Bell is so it’s nothing super new.  However if you have questions because you don’t have a Taco Bell where you are, post me a comment, I’ll answer as best I can.  Thanks for reading!