McDonald’s has new Big Macs?!

It’s been a couple of weeks now but we went to McDonalds for a Caramel Frappe, which if you read my previous blog article is my new favourite starbucks.  They asked if we were interested in a Mac Jr or Grand Mac.. we’re like huh, what?  No… just the drinks.

Well today I decided to try the Jr because I’m not sure I can eat the Grand Mac when the Big Mac leaves me pretty dang full!  And you know what?  The Jr is the perfect size!

Whenever I go to Burger King, unless I’m completely famished, I get the Jr there and I’m totally fine.  But at McD’s I’d get their cheeseburgers which are good but you need two to fill up.  I usually get the kids meal because of the fun toy and well, enough other stuff to fill me up.  But now with the Jr, I don’t need to do that anymore.

Now granted, they JUST came out with this so it could be really good now and go carppy later as with the fish bites and the Angus burgers.  They start out awesome and then, I guess McD’s is like Meh and they aren’t as good anymore.  But I digress…

So before I ordered I asked what the difference is with the Jr. and they said the meat is different, it’s a little smaller than the quarter pounder (they aren’t kidding) but the rest is the same, pickle, lettuce, and mac sauce.   I was like OK and said I’ll try it.  I’m expecting a glorified overpriced cheeseburger but I was wrong.

This thing is kinda big in my hands. (I’ll save you the joke… yes, that’s what she said!)I opened it and was surprised.  I think that pun wasn’t intended but you never know…


I rotated it and the meat is as big as the bun!  When was the last time that happened at McD’s?!  Well OK, I don’t eat the quarter pounders so maybe they’re that big too, I don’t know but I can tell you that the normal Big Mac patties are NOT this size.  They’re skinnier and smaller.  So I’m thinking you get the same amount of meat and one less bun which is fine with me because saves calories and carbs!  I am pleasantly surprised with this Jr.

I’m thinking McD’s better start paying me for all this endorsement!  But this was a quinky dink.  They’re not Habit Burgers, which I still have to do that review but if you want fast food that fills you up and you have, I guess, a small stomach, this will do just nicely.

Til next time, thank you for reading and spring is almost here!  Does anyone really get that gardening joke? haha.  As usual, if you’d like to donate to my cause for a laptop click here.  If not, that’s cool too.  I love to write either way.


Burger King, whyyy?! Your 5 for 4 sucks!

So… lately there’s been a lot of chatter in the fast food industry about your mini deals or great bang for your buck yeah yeah yeah’s…  McD’s has their 2 for 2 which here in Cali translates to 2 for 2.50 those jerks…! Wendy’s had their 4 for 4 and so I guess BK decided ey, we want to do something too!  AND SOOO… their deal comes in…5 for 4 and this is what comes in it:


But of course we all know this is plastic food… the real deal looks NOTHING like this…  In fact, mine was so sad the bacon looked like it was done six days ago and was pleading for it’s life!  It was burnt but not cooked well, how the heck does that happen!?

Anyway the burger itself was sad because the meat was tiny and I guess they left it in too long because it was leathery and tough, and the chicken nuggets were sorta burned…the fries are not the best (but that’s nothing new, I don’t really eat fries so they get a pass, I guess) and lastly the cookie… a flavourless round thing with something that resembles chocolate.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies as it is, but I’ve been known to much on a few Ms. Fields and even the chewy chips ahoys which you know, are kind of little disks of god knows what plastic cookies…  Even they’re tastier than the BK ones…

I’ll make this blog short because honestly, there isn’t much to say about it.  I have no idea what went wrong but this is THE WORST $4 (plus tax) I’ve ever spent.  Maybe it was that branch or maybe BK never had good baby burgers and nuggets…  I think I’ll stick to their Whoppers.  When it comes down to fast food burgers I still prefer them over others.  Unless you fancy Habit Burger which to me isn’t really fast food, but man, they’re the best!  I should write you a blog about that so stay tune!  Thanks for reading.

Red Robin’s at Vacaville across from BJ’s

HUGE hype over the burgers which are way overpriced!  For 11 bucks I expect the damn burger to melt itself in your mouth.  This one was more or less a fatter mcd’s patty.  Yeah no, no way.

Something’s wrong if you think this looks better than what you got at Red Robins…

Do yourself a favour and go to BJ’s for a burger.  Bigger, better, and cheaper!  I’ll write a review on BJ’s later.  They’re no saints but at least their burger is better.

The service here is OK and I like their little gadget of “calling your server” via an ipad on a stand looking thing but they ignore the blaring red light so what’s the point?  They probably see it all the time and know to ignore it…?  I have no idea.  Either way we waited a while before she “saw” the light and came over.  Honestly though, any good waitress knows to come over REGARDLESS of the light.  And it’s not like they were super busy and only one girl, they were normal and had, what looked like, normal staff.

In any case, it is the last time I’m going there.  If I wanted a watered down drink and overpriced burger because hell, I just won the lotto, I’ll go here again… but yeah, no… you’ll find me somewhere else eating a burger…and I’ll make my own watered down drink, thank you!  Save myself the 7 bucks for said drink too!  Not like I expect top shelf for 7 bucks but come on, a splash of rum in a mai tai (their specialty drink, even!) is NOT what I call an alcoholic drink by any stretch of the word.  I’m a light weight.  I should have been buzzed but I wasn’t even phased.  Hubs had an AMF and I think they gave him blue juice with a splash of something that resembled alcohol in some former life…

So like I said, save yourself the trouble.  Go somewhere else.  Unless you like paying high prices for low quality, then, in that case, how odd for you, but then yeah, go here!  But I’ll be wondering what happened to make you like this sort of thing…