A word challenge from my writer’s group!

New CHALLENGE. Write a love poem or letter, by someone who is not human, to someone else (any species). Some things to consider might be how this species woos possible mates (any differently than humans?), a method of delivery, and how well the recipient likes it.

Anything from a dirty little note to a sweet melodic piece. Go ahead.

So here’s what I wrote:

Dear Gabe,

I saw you staring several times now and rumours have been flying for months now.  I know you find me completely fabulous and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong, but darling, I have many things to consider.  If you’re to be my trophy buddy, I can’t have you looking anything less than debonair!

You have great bone structure, not as awesome as mine, mind you, but definitely something to work with and I could enhance your appeal.  Of course, having me by your side will boost your appearance, but I can’t do everything, honey.  Regardless, I know what you’re looking for and I graciously accept your invitation.  However do keep in mind, my attention will wane as you know I’m not a one-man attraction.  I can’t very well deprive everyone from me now could I?  That wouldn’t be fair but I hope you realise your importance when I say you’ll definitely be in my top 5.  That isn’t a very easy spot to be in, you know?  Lots of people vie for that spot!

So what do you say?  Do you want to rise up in the dating pool or would you rather keep dating the frogs you call exes after a few rounds?


Alistair Silverleaf

And the Gabe character would be saying this:

Alistair, you arrogant but gorgeous fool!  What makes you think I’d want to be in your top five?!  Darling, I belong in the top 2!  Yes the rumours are true, I have been pining for you but don’t think for a moment that your beautiful face and dazzling smile will get you anywhere other than my bedroom.  I say we go a few rounds first and then decide what to do with the rest.  Even if you end up a frog, we could have so much fun together!  I don’t care if you decide to bed the whole kingdom, as you call it, as long as you end up in my bed tonight.  I have already thought of a few ideas which I think you would like.  It involves mirrors, I’m sure you love watching yourself in action as much as I like watching you out of it.  Now how about you take that pretty little butt of yours and bring it on over!


Gabe Entleman

Of course, Alistair would be super offended at being called a frog or told what to do, and he surely will make Gabe pay for his mistake but in a fun way.  They do, as Gabe suggested, go a few rounds.  Don’t worry, I won’t spoil those surprises here.  You have to read the story to find out how it all plays out and if Alistair ends up being a frog or if Gabe finally catches the ever bachelor Alistair.  You never know, stranger things have happened…  I’ve heard Half Elves go human even.  But not in this case, Alistair thinks too much of himself to ever go human.  If anything it’d be Gabe who’d have to change… After all, no mere human has ever been able to remotely even think they could possibly deny the request of the ever so alluring High Elf named Alistair.  Do you think a High Elf and a human mix well or would it be a  huge disaster after a while?


Charles Manson and Dale Carnegie are best friends?!

So Charles Manson got his idea and genius from the Dale Carnegie book.  I decided to go take a look at it again.  Hmmm first chapter talks about how criminals don’t take responsibility for their actions but in fact believe THEY were the victims.  Interesting…

Mr. Carnegie goes on to say that this is how people are.  People do NOT like taking responsibility for themselves.  OK he doesn’t say it that way… what he says is people think what they do is the best thing and, I suppose, they are doing the best thing for themselves.  I guess it boils down to “selfishness” which, as a surprise to me, isn’t always a bad thing!

I was taught to be giving and basically to get run over because I’m a girl and that’s what good girls do… When we stood up for yourselves we were called selfish or a bitch or moody.  When a guy does it, he’s being assertive and dignified.  He’s supposed to stand up for himself.

But being selfish and asking people to listen to you, is not ab ad thing.  If you demand it, it makes you powerful.  If you believe in your heart that what you have to say is important and command people to listen to you, the world is your oyster.  The power is awesome!  And to some, it goes way over in their heads and things go awry…

So what does Charles Manson have to do with Dale Carnegie?  Two words:  Dale’s book

Charles read Dale’s book and that’s how he became a genius manipulator.  This is going to sound seriously awkward but I am fascinated and I can even say I admire Mr. Manson.

Why?  Because of the way his mind works!  I am sad that he didn’t use it for something more useful but the man is brilliant.  I’ve heard several interviews from him and yeah, he “acts” nuts but that’s his genius…  He gets people to get their guard down by confusing them or thinking he’s just an idiot and bam! he injects his poison…or message…whichever way you want to look at it.

Now I’m not saying I want to be a serial killer, but I’d love to have my mind work the way his does.  Not to manipulate people and make them do my bidding, but rather to have the power to understand why people do what they do.  Though yes, I admit, I do get my moments where it’d be nice if people always did what I wanted…

I suspect that with Mr. Manson, the power was overwhelming and it went “the wrong way” and well, he did what he did… only he didn’t.  He only SUGGESTED things to do, he didn’t command, and even if he had, those people still had choices.  Just from the interviews though, I can see how he could be persuasive… he sounds like authority… and I guess, my friends, that’s what I need to do too.

The way he speaks is very confident and like he knows what the heck he’s talking about.  And maybe he does, but I suspect he’s just talking out of his bum.  I suspect he has no idea what he’s talking about but it doesn’t come out that way.  It’s like when I’m at work and people ask me where X item is.  I may not have a clue but I sure look like I do!  I say well it should be in X location, let’s go see.  If it’s not there, I say oh! I guess they moved it.  Let’s try Y location.   Either which way, I’m sure no one’s saying “she has no friggin clue, does she?”  because the way I present it, with confidence, it sounds like it’s not in X location because someone else moved it and didn’t tell me.

So maybe I DO speak with authority and didn’t realise it.  I just have to believe, as Mr. Manson does, that I know what I’m saying at all times.  I have to give myself that boost and that confidence that no matter WHAT comes out of my mouth, it’s always the correct thing!

I believe that’s what Mr. Carnegie is talking about.  Present yourself with the best “face” forward and you can influence the world.  Clearly, Mr. Manson did, just that.  It started out with a few people, a group, a cult… but now he’s known world wide.  Maybe he meant to get famous or maybe he just wanted to be heard.  Without actually speaking to him, I may never know…

But one thing we can learn is this:  Speak with confidence and the world will listen.

Don’t worry about being a bitch or moody.  Just. Speak.

Nervous? Try this…

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone… maybe a hot guy or a hot girl… or maybe someone way out of your league, at least in YOUR opinion.  So your hand start to sweat or you start to twitch…or if you’re super nervous you start to shiver…

Maybe you’re at an interview and the dude interviewing you is somehow super intimidating or you really want the job…

This is how you feel… regardless of what you actually look like:

We’ve all been there.  I once got so nervous I started shivering and I was like oh no, they can’t see me like this.

Nothing says confidence like shivering from nerves!  Nooooooooot!!

So…  I did this little trick.

I sat up straight and leaned over.  I put my hands together in front of me.  Luckily there was a table so this didn’t look so awkward.

It was something like the little hands in this, but with one hand more into the other and it formed a “circle” in the middle.

The circle is formed when your index and thumb come together and touch the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger.

That’s where the magic happens.  You take that pose just a little lower and voila, you pinch that little fleshy part and your nerves will go away because now you’re focusing on the “pain” you’re causing to that fleshy part.

If you pinch it now, you can feel how “intense” it can get the more you pinch.

Imagine a loose version of this..

hand over fist

It should look relaxed, like your hands just happen to lie that way.  Not aggro like the real hand over fist and not clasping like you’re about to die.  If I had four hands I would be able to take a photo for you but until that miracle happens, I hope I have described it enough so you get what I’m trying to say.

Now if you’re standing and can’t really do this, there’s the hand in pocket pinch your leg method or if you have a worry stone, you can use that instead.

The point is to distract yourself from the nerves to feel something OTHER than nerves.

Try it.  Let me know if it works out for you too! 😀