Live Music Center in Vacaville, CA

This place is a hit or miss. Yes they have a bunch of stuff in stock but they’re not very busy either, not as busy as Gordon’s. Location is possibly a reason. One is on main street, downtown, and this one is a bit out of the way and near the exit of a freeway, but going the wrong way.

That said, I’ve been here a few times. Once I think I met the owner who was super nice and said “It’s hard to find good workers.” when I mentioned my previous visit that left me less than satisfied. Because of him I gave this place another go. Each time, it has been different. Sometimes people know what they’re doing and sometimes it’s like they hired someone from Walmart who barely knows what a note is…or they don’t care.

What’s taken the cake is I’ve ordered a couple of Ukes and it’s like they were forgotten orders. The first time I ordered, back in January, no one ever called. The second time I ordered, the owner called me a week after I had gone in and got a horrible experience and I think it was because of that, not because my Uke came in.

Outside of the one time, I’ve never seen the owners there, just young people staff. I think they need to be at their store more often if they care about their business. That’s one thing about Gordon’s. Outside of a Sunday, every time I’ve gone there, Mr. Gordon is at the store. Whether he’s a workaholic or likes to keep his staff in line, I don’t know, but if there’s a problem he’s there to fix it straight away.

I am not saying I’m never going to Live Music but there have been more bad experiences than good ones so I’ll probably go there for supplies. But when it comes to ordering instruments, I’m going to Gordon’s. They actually call you back when your instrument comes in, instead of putting it out on the floor to get sold first.

My guess is that’s what happened to my first Uke. It was put on the floor and then sold so no one called. Instead they kept lying and said it was on the order books and it’d be ordered soon. OR they just don’t order stuff often, which is weird, because if a customer is willing to give you their green, that should be your first priority, no? Maybe not…


Putah Creek Cafe in Winters, CA

The food itself is good, SOMEtimes…  We’ve been here a couple of times and the first time the tomatoes on my burger were farm fresh!  The burger itself was tasty.  My daughter had the chicken fried steak and eggs meal and the potatos were fresh and the meat was fork tender.  We decided to come back and it was never the same.  I saw fresh squeezed orange juice in the mimosa so I had them bring me some (without the mimosa part) and I can see WHY they need the mimosa part.  This so called fresh squeezed tastes like minute maid or some other box from concentrate OJ.  Sooo disappointed!

The burgers are still OK but I guess we were there like right after farmer’s market day or something because that first time everything was fresh tasting!  The times after that, not even close.  So the food is, I guess, a hit or miss at this place.
But the service, oh my god, the service is HORRIBLE at this place.  The staff kind of forget about you and even to pay is a nightmare.  I could have walked out in the half an hour it took to stand in line to pay only to have some old BAT come in at the last second, CUT IN LINE, and pay her bill.  I said to the staff, I was here before her but do you think they cared? Nope.  Not about the line behind me or anything, they just said, give me a moment and took the bat’s money.  Ask me if I gave them a tip? Go ahead…

That’s right a BIG FAT ZERO is what they got. I should have been nice though… put on their receipt under tip: “Please pay attention to the people who eat at your place!”  I don’t feel bad for the zero tip. Not ONE bit. No one worked even slightly hard for their tip.  In fact, it must be so expected they don’t do anything at all and get paid to bring your food out to you and then YOU have to get up, stand in line to pay the bill.  This isn’t fast food, people!!


I expect to be told the wait is blah, get seated, get my water, and then about 5-10 mins not a half hour (!) to get someone to get my order.  I think this is why the wait times are so long, because like I said, the staff forgets about you.  Now, it could be a serious understaffing problem but I don’t know, I did see plenty of bodies around but who knows, maybe they were all dishwashers.  In any case, I don’t see myself coming back.  Winters looks like a nice little town but yeah, we’ll probably find another place to stop by on the way to Berryessa.  Oh well… Like Alton said:


Oh Rubio’s, I was sooo hoping you were good!

I yelp-ed about this already but I can give you a longer story here.

Our day began with wondering where to go for lunch.  We ended up at Rubios in Vallejo because I had never been there and my lunchmate said it was good and kinda healthy.

My first impression is, OK, nowhere to sit but outside in the 400 degree weather…but whatever, we were already here.  The line wasn’t that long, we were like the first ones there.  I think there was only two other people before us.  The menu was odd…lots of fish taco type stuff…but I found nachos and figured that was safe.  I ordered steak nachos…I found the sticker price obnoxious but we were already there so here goes the yelp review, see my comments after:

If I could, I’d give this place negative 5 stars!  Where else can you find 9 dollar steak nachos with barely ANY meat that take 30 plus minutes to make?!  HERE!!!!!!!  That’s where.

When I inquired about the long wait, the manager said “They’re supposed to cook the orders as they come.” To which I said, “Then why did you give that guy and that lady their orders when they came after I was sitting down waiting?”  The lady also ordered steak nachos… suspicious?  Maybe…

My friend says the last time she was there they forgot her order and refunded her money and apologised profusely.

This “lovely” manager didn’t even apologise and was in fact, irritated and walking away when my lunch mate said “You’re just going to walk away and not do anything?”  He came back doubly irritated and said “What would you like me to do for her?!”  She said “Refund her money or something.”

At this point, Mr. irritated pulled out this HUGE wad of comp cards and handed me one without saying a word and walked away.  I was like wow…  Guess what buddy, you’re going on my blog!  And here I am writing in Yelp.   My blog is over on wordpress under cnith’s thoughts and I am going to blog there about this too, so it wasn’t an empty threat.  Not that he woudl have heard me had I said it anyway since in three sprints he was back in the counter looking clueless.

I’m never going back there again!  Did I mention about 6 people, INCLUDING my lunch mate had to inquire about their food in order to get it?  Yeah, this place is disorganised! NEVER go there unless you want frustration with your meal or have six hours to wait for your food!

Now you might say, OK well they were busy, come on now…  But honestly, this isn’t some fancy restaurant, it’s a step up from FAST FOOD.  My lunchmate’s food took like ten minutes less and all she had was TACOS.  Tell me in what world do tacos take 20 minutes to make when it’s just tortillas and meat?!  Apparently, at the Rubio’s world, this is normal.  But WHY!?

And why does a man pull out a huge wad of comp cards if this was a simple oops?  No.  Obviously it happens ALL THE TIME so he needs a huge wad so he doesn’t run out!  That’s just crazy, you know?   I’d be ashamed to have to give one of those out but no, he handed it like it was nothing, albeit with annoyance that he had to pull out his wad again.

How about you guys just fix your issue.  First order comes in first one to come OUT.  It’s simple math and logic, what the heck!?

From my stand to your ears… A Cashier’s life…

A little humour from the “stands” at your grocery store. We Cashiers are friendly folks but we’re not your therapists… if we were, we’d be bar tenders and make a heck of a lot more money!!

In any case, here’s a tip. If we ask you if you want your milk (or other beverage container/thing) in a bag we’re only looking for a “yes please.” or “no thank you.” If you aren’t polite a simple ys or no is fine. We aren’t looking to “catch you” or anything. We’re not looking to see if it’s OK to give you the bag for your milk. I promise you, this isn’t a pass or fail question and by no means a test of any kind.

NO NEED TO WORRY! It’s just a question!

We don’t really care that you have to walk 6 miles up your lovely home and thus need the milk bagged. We don’t care that you have to go upstairs, walk four miles to your car, or that your cat gets upset because you didn’t put the milk in a bag. I’ll even go point blank and say we don’t care that you want it bagged because you want to avoid cold hands!  Seriously, it’s just a question we ask sometimes.  No need to feel like this:

No one’s going to stamp an F on your receipt in bright red marker pen because you asked us to bag your milk.  We aren’t going to be angry at you for asking us to bag your milk so you don’t have to justify WHY you need it bagged.  Honestly I see people give me this look when I ask the question:
Like I have just asked me to give me your firstborn child or give up your kidneys.  Believe me, I don’t want either of those things at the moment I ask you.  So again, just RELAX!  It’s only a question.

The same goes for double bagging stuff. If you REALLY want all that plastic, have fun, but really, we don’t are why you need it double bagged. I just think you’re a bit odd for wanting all that plastic, lol. But then, you probably think it’s odd I can start and end a conversation in 30 seconds… haha. 🙂

In any case, if you want to tell us your whole life story, that’s fine. Just remember your time is up when we’re done bagging/checking out your stuff. I don’t want to be rude or anything but if I have other people in like you HAVE to go… I won’t ever tell you that, but that’s what I’m thinking.  I’m sure so are the people behind you.  I don’t want to be mean but if we’re busy you’re making it worse for the people behind you.   The last thing I need on a stressful day is to have people who are upset/angry because they’re standing in line too long.  We’re not an amusement park.  You get no ride at the end of the line, if anything you’re emptying your wallet more…

Which reminds me… when you check out is NOT the time to look for your long lost lipstick or pen.  Nor is it the time to count the million pennies so you can pay with cash.  Sometimes you have no choice and I get that, you HAVE to pay with a check vs. plastic of some sort.  Maybe you’re an older person and it takes you awhile to get your things, that’s fine.  I’m just asking you to be considerate to your fellow man.  I get paid whether your there for 30 seconds or 3 hours but I’m pretty sure the people behind you don’t have that kind of patience…  Just a word to the wise… 😉   And yeah, that picture shows a girl but guys do it too. So I’m saying this to EVERYONE.

Now…  on the other hand, If we’re not busy by all means, tell me your whole life story.  I won’t mind.  I chose this job because I love listening to stories and to people.    And yeah, maybe I should have been a bartender… but I like sober people better.  Now open on lane (insert number here) just for you!


A Store just PERFECT for people who are left handed!

(This was originally posted on Monday, April 1, 2013 at another blog site.  At the time I wasn’t married yet.)

So my daughter was touring around San Francisco’s Pier 39 during her school interim’s Photography class when she came across the store called Lefty’s.

I remember seeing it before and not thinking too much of it.  I’m a rightie, so all that stuff in there was funky but neat.  Nothing useful for me in it but I do remember going now I know how the left-handed people feel.  As a rightie, trying to use a leftie’s scissor was interesting to say the least…  Who knew it made a difference, right?!  Well it does, because I could barely use the thing!

Anyway, month’s later, I saw it again with my then boyfriend and I don’t think we went into it too much but he’s a left-handed person so I thought it was fun.

In any case, my daughter took a picture of it thinking of my now fiance’.

I actually wrote them asking about left-handed mice.  Something, we righties take for granted.  See all those fancy mice with the buttons all up the sides?  You seen the gamer mice with all kinds of gadgets that make them look like robo-mice right?  No?  Well… if you were dating a gamer you would know…

In any case, the mouse I have has two buttons on the left side of it and it’s so you can go forward or back on your browser.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, if you’re a leftie, you can’t use those buttons. Why?  Because they’re on the wrong side.  You try clicking those buttons with your pinkie and/or ring finger… it’s not easy… and uncomfortable to hold your mouse that way.  So… I asked Lefty’s, do you guys sell mice?

Unfortunately, they don’t.  They send me an email within a day (super prompt! I love that!!) saying that they used to carry them but not too many people bought them.

My guess is they (lefties) got used to going without, like my fiance’ who has to buy the el cheapo mouse because that’s the only one without the buttons.  But wouldn’t it be nice if there were more options?  Well… as it turns out, there is!  Lefty’s was kind enough to send me the name of the mouse for lefties.  If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll tell you.

What I love though is the customer service from Lefty’s.  They could have just said no, sorry we don’t.  Or they could have ignored me or wrote to me days later like some other companies I’ve “talked” to in the past.  They could have done many a things.

But they didn’t.  They got back to me quickly and I appreciate that so much!  I’ll find something to buy from them.

It is SUPER nice to know that there are still companies out there with a heart.  Those that REALLY know what customer service is all about!  So, here’s my shout out to Lefty’s!  If you happen to be around Pier 39 give them a looksie. 🙂   Learn how to write with your left hand and be ambidextrous like I am.

At the moment, I’m looking at the left-handed notebooks and realising how annoying (not to mention painful) it must be to write with that coil digging into your hand as you write.  I’ll most likely end up buying the pruning shears.  I *do* have a hard time cutting with my right hand because sometimes you need a left handed angle and it just feels weird with the left hand, I have to twist my hand around so it cuts properly.

I think I was originally a leftie, to be honest, but where I grew up, they weren’t “allowed” so I was probably forced to be a rightie as a child.  In any case, I’m glad there’s a store like Lefty’s.  If anything, to help lefties out there! 😀

Here’s their website if you want to check them out online: