Putah Creek Cafe in Winters, CA

The food itself is good, SOMEtimes…  We’ve been here a couple of times and the first time the tomatoes on my burger were farm fresh!  The burger itself was tasty.  My daughter had the chicken fried steak and eggs meal and the potatos were fresh and the meat was fork tender.  We decided to come back and it was never the same.  I saw fresh squeezed orange juice in the mimosa so I had them bring me some (without the mimosa part) and I can see WHY they need the mimosa part.  This so called fresh squeezed tastes like minute maid or some other box from concentrate OJ.  Sooo disappointed!

The burgers are still OK but I guess we were there like right after farmer’s market day or something because that first time everything was fresh tasting!  The times after that, not even close.  So the food is, I guess, a hit or miss at this place.
But the service, oh my god, the service is HORRIBLE at this place.  The staff kind of forget about you and even to pay is a nightmare.  I could have walked out in the half an hour it took to stand in line to pay only to have some old BAT come in at the last second, CUT IN LINE, and pay her bill.  I said to the staff, I was here before her but do you think they cared? Nope.  Not about the line behind me or anything, they just said, give me a moment and took the bat’s money.  Ask me if I gave them a tip? Go ahead…

That’s right a BIG FAT ZERO is what they got. I should have been nice though… put on their receipt under tip: “Please pay attention to the people who eat at your place!”  I don’t feel bad for the zero tip. Not ONE bit. No one worked even slightly hard for their tip.  In fact, it must be so expected they don’t do anything at all and get paid to bring your food out to you and then YOU have to get up, stand in line to pay the bill.  This isn’t fast food, people!!


I expect to be told the wait is blah, get seated, get my water, and then about 5-10 mins not a half hour (!) to get someone to get my order.  I think this is why the wait times are so long, because like I said, the staff forgets about you.  Now, it could be a serious understaffing problem but I don’t know, I did see plenty of bodies around but who knows, maybe they were all dishwashers.  In any case, I don’t see myself coming back.  Winters looks like a nice little town but yeah, we’ll probably find another place to stop by on the way to Berryessa.  Oh well… Like Alton said:



Red Robin’s at Vacaville across from BJ’s

HUGE hype over the burgers which are way overpriced!  For 11 bucks I expect the damn burger to melt itself in your mouth.  This one was more or less a fatter mcd’s patty.  Yeah no, no way.

Something’s wrong if you think this looks better than what you got at Red Robins…

Do yourself a favour and go to BJ’s for a burger.  Bigger, better, and cheaper!  I’ll write a review on BJ’s later.  They’re no saints but at least their burger is better.

The service here is OK and I like their little gadget of “calling your server” via an ipad on a stand looking thing but they ignore the blaring red light so what’s the point?  They probably see it all the time and know to ignore it…?  I have no idea.  Either way we waited a while before she “saw” the light and came over.  Honestly though, any good waitress knows to come over REGARDLESS of the light.  And it’s not like they were super busy and only one girl, they were normal and had, what looked like, normal staff.

In any case, it is the last time I’m going there.  If I wanted a watered down drink and overpriced burger because hell, I just won the lotto, I’ll go here again… but yeah, no… you’ll find me somewhere else eating a burger…and I’ll make my own watered down drink, thank you!  Save myself the 7 bucks for said drink too!  Not like I expect top shelf for 7 bucks but come on, a splash of rum in a mai tai (their specialty drink, even!) is NOT what I call an alcoholic drink by any stretch of the word.  I’m a light weight.  I should have been buzzed but I wasn’t even phased.  Hubs had an AMF and I think they gave him blue juice with a splash of something that resembled alcohol in some former life…

So like I said, save yourself the trouble.  Go somewhere else.  Unless you like paying high prices for low quality, then, in that case, how odd for you, but then yeah, go here!  But I’ll be wondering what happened to make you like this sort of thing…