HUKU EXPRESS in Fairfield, CA

I had high hopes for this place. But I forgot… it’s a sushi cafe…  It’s next to Starbucks…I don’t know what I was thinking…

Image result for sad sushi

Mind you, I’m used to eating at Hinata which is THE best, in my opinion.

I was pressed for time so I stopped into this place. Pressed for time… well, that was a mistake… these guys took fooorrrrrreeeeeverr!! And for what? I don’t know… they’re just recently opened so maybe they’re at Jurassic Park and the meat is eating the trainers, I don’t know.

When I get my bento, which I paid almost as much as Hinata’s I get meat that’s been cookign for a million years because itw as like having jerky, just about… no flavour except for whatever weird sauce they put on for Teriyaki. Store bought sauce from Safeway, maybe? I don’t know, but the sushi sure tasted like it was from Safeway or some of those truck stop gas station sushi’s. I didn’t get sick but it wasn’t the greatest either.

The salad was just cabbage with some carrot shreds and NO dressing of any kind. The wasabi was OK and they gave me purple cabbage which I guess was supposed to be their version of pickled ginger.

They do have some cute Japanese snacks and stuff so there is novelty…unfortunately, their custard bun DID make me sick so that sucked. The moshi was OK but that didn’t get me sick so that’s good. The overpriced ramunen soda was also good.

All in all, I ain’t going back. Novelty or not. I think the concept is good but the execution is not the best. I wasted 20 bucks but that’s the last they’re getting from me. Save yourself the money and go buy safeway sushi, it’ll probably be better.


Wild Willy’s BBQ


I was on my way to get a mcflurry or something when this little red caboose looking thing caught my eye.  Caboose I call it because that’s what I had back in Pacifica with the Gorilla BBQ…except they’re orange and an actual caboose.  This is a little red roach coach.  With affection, of course, this place is pretty good!  It’s clean, from what I could see (and you can pretty much see the whole truck, it’s not that big,) and the guys are super nice!

I got a free sample of their baked beans and he was right, they are tasty.  The food was tasty, albeit spicy for me, but I’m spiced at taco bell so don’t let that dissuade you.  I had the ribs, the pulled pork, and mac and cheese.

the meat was soft and juicy, the mac and cheese was alright, but I was there for the meat anyway. The “bread” I wasn’t impressed with since it’s just white toast but like I said, I was there for the meat.

I’ll definitely go back, it’s the next best thing to gorilla’s and no toll fee! 😀  The other reviewers are right, the other places around here suck when it comes to BBQ so go show these guys some love on Thurs and Fri when they’re open.  If he can quit his other job we’ll have this little coach full time! 😀

No pictures this time as I ate them too fast!  Next time though! 😀

McDonald’s has new Big Macs?!

It’s been a couple of weeks now but we went to McDonalds for a Caramel Frappe, which if you read my previous blog article is my new favourite starbucks.  They asked if we were interested in a Mac Jr or Grand Mac.. we’re like huh, what?  No… just the drinks.

Well today I decided to try the Jr because I’m not sure I can eat the Grand Mac when the Big Mac leaves me pretty dang full!  And you know what?  The Jr is the perfect size!

Whenever I go to Burger King, unless I’m completely famished, I get the Jr there and I’m totally fine.  But at McD’s I’d get their cheeseburgers which are good but you need two to fill up.  I usually get the kids meal because of the fun toy and well, enough other stuff to fill me up.  But now with the Jr, I don’t need to do that anymore.

Now granted, they JUST came out with this so it could be really good now and go carppy later as with the fish bites and the Angus burgers.  They start out awesome and then, I guess McD’s is like Meh and they aren’t as good anymore.  But I digress…

So before I ordered I asked what the difference is with the Jr. and they said the meat is different, it’s a little smaller than the quarter pounder (they aren’t kidding) but the rest is the same, pickle, lettuce, and mac sauce.   I was like OK and said I’ll try it.  I’m expecting a glorified overpriced cheeseburger but I was wrong.

This thing is kinda big in my hands. (I’ll save you the joke… yes, that’s what she said!)I opened it and was surprised.  I think that pun wasn’t intended but you never know…


I rotated it and the meat is as big as the bun!  When was the last time that happened at McD’s?!  Well OK, I don’t eat the quarter pounders so maybe they’re that big too, I don’t know but I can tell you that the normal Big Mac patties are NOT this size.  They’re skinnier and smaller.  So I’m thinking you get the same amount of meat and one less bun which is fine with me because saves calories and carbs!  I am pleasantly surprised with this Jr.

I’m thinking McD’s better start paying me for all this endorsement!  But this was a quinky dink.  They’re not Habit Burgers, which I still have to do that review but if you want fast food that fills you up and you have, I guess, a small stomach, this will do just nicely.

Til next time, thank you for reading and spring is almost here!  Does anyone really get that gardening joke? haha.  As usual, if you’d like to donate to my cause for a laptop click here.  If not, that’s cool too.  I love to write either way.

Putah Creek Cafe in Winters, CA

The food itself is good, SOMEtimes…  We’ve been here a couple of times and the first time the tomatoes on my burger were farm fresh!  The burger itself was tasty.  My daughter had the chicken fried steak and eggs meal and the potatos were fresh and the meat was fork tender.  We decided to come back and it was never the same.  I saw fresh squeezed orange juice in the mimosa so I had them bring me some (without the mimosa part) and I can see WHY they need the mimosa part.  This so called fresh squeezed tastes like minute maid or some other box from concentrate OJ.  Sooo disappointed!

The burgers are still OK but I guess we were there like right after farmer’s market day or something because that first time everything was fresh tasting!  The times after that, not even close.  So the food is, I guess, a hit or miss at this place.
But the service, oh my god, the service is HORRIBLE at this place.  The staff kind of forget about you and even to pay is a nightmare.  I could have walked out in the half an hour it took to stand in line to pay only to have some old BAT come in at the last second, CUT IN LINE, and pay her bill.  I said to the staff, I was here before her but do you think they cared? Nope.  Not about the line behind me or anything, they just said, give me a moment and took the bat’s money.  Ask me if I gave them a tip? Go ahead…

That’s right a BIG FAT ZERO is what they got. I should have been nice though… put on their receipt under tip: “Please pay attention to the people who eat at your place!”  I don’t feel bad for the zero tip. Not ONE bit. No one worked even slightly hard for their tip.  In fact, it must be so expected they don’t do anything at all and get paid to bring your food out to you and then YOU have to get up, stand in line to pay the bill.  This isn’t fast food, people!!


I expect to be told the wait is blah, get seated, get my water, and then about 5-10 mins not a half hour (!) to get someone to get my order.  I think this is why the wait times are so long, because like I said, the staff forgets about you.  Now, it could be a serious understaffing problem but I don’t know, I did see plenty of bodies around but who knows, maybe they were all dishwashers.  In any case, I don’t see myself coming back.  Winters looks like a nice little town but yeah, we’ll probably find another place to stop by on the way to Berryessa.  Oh well… Like Alton said:


Pearl on the River in Sacramento, CA

This place looks like it should be slightly upscale or high end in some way but that’s just the decor and the way the staff dress.  Walking in is pleasant, I guess.  There is a bar in front of you with a big screen should you go there just for drinks.  The dining room area looks nice and I’m not sure what the upstairs looks like but I’m guessing more of the same.   We got seated by the window with these two posts next to us.  Not all that flattering but well, it’s not their fault, I guess, those beams have to go SOMEwhere but you’d think they’d decide not to seat people there.  I felt bad for the wait staff who have to contort a little to get to us.

We sat for a bit and got offered some bread.  Mind you, they give you a tiny amount of sourdough bread and hard as heck butter with some green stuff in it, my guess is, herbed butter but have they not heard that butter should be at least room temperature?  For a trying to be upscale place you’d think that’d be hosting 101 but I guess not.  My date didn’t care for the butter.  He said there was some weird twang to it.  I used it to disguise the flavour of the sourdough.  I have to point out, that is not the restaurant’s fault.  I don’t like sourdough so at least the butter was bland enough or somehow counteracted the sourdough taste.  This might be why my date didn’t like it though, he LIKES sourdough, so he ate his plain.

The food itself was OK but for the price, I expect better, like WAY better!  The fried calamari was rubbery as all heck and the batter might as well be from some cheap trying to be tempura  place with NO flavour.  They offer you a way too tangy marinara type sauce and a wedge of lemon.  Trust me, nothing could save that appetizer except maybe some ranch but even then I’m not over the tough chewy bits.  So if that’s how you like your calamari, go for it.  I prefer mine tender and not overcooked.  I paid $11 dollars for this overcooked thing which I could do myself at home with that batter they sell in baggies at your local grocery store.

It’s late in the evening so I didn’t want a big plate, so I ordered an appetizer… mac and cheese.  I’m not entirely sure how that’s an appetizer but whatever, the portion was small and the taste was OK.  I paid $15 dollars.  Maybe I’m picky but shouldn’t the mac and cheese have some kind of flavour besides bacon?  Yup, there was bacon and there was chicken, though I suppose bacon flavoured chicken is some people’s favourite but not me.  I like different flavours and textures which they attempted by adding some kind of crushed croutons, I guess?  I’m not sure but it was a little crunch but again not much other flavour.   Maybe I’m more used to traditional mac and cheese, maybe high end mac and cheese is supposed to have little flavour but I doubt it.  They did use Orecchietes though as opposed to elbows which was a nice twist.  I didn’t mind that at all.

I tried a little of their clam chowder which my date had and he wasn’t too pleased with it.  I noticed that their bowl was more like a cup, so I can’t imagine what their cup must be like!  Perhaps an actual cup like from a measuring thing…that’s not a whole lot for 7 bucks!  For a dollar 50 more you get the bowl which, like I said, is more like a cup in other places.  The soup spoon didn’t even get covered by the time he hit the bottom, it was a little over half covered.  The flavour itself was alright, a little like unsalted canned but not horrible, it did have clams in it but I didn’t get any potato.  They didn’t specify which kind of clam chowder this was so maybe it wasn’t supposed to have potatoes.  To me, it was alright but I’ve had better which is why I rated this 2 stars overall.

I think for the price, they should try a little harder with their food.  It’s not completely horrible and if you’re seated in a nice area maybe you can see the river, all we saw was crawdads (another restaurant) and the marina posts, planks, walkways, and one boat parked there if you looked down so it wasn’t a great view.  I see no reason to have window seats at all but that’s my opinion.  Maybe it looks prettier in the day time.  I am not sure I’m coming back to this place but since it was nice looking, I can’t really give it a 1 star but it’s kinda close.

Anyway, if you like spending money for kinda mediocre this is your place.  I think next time I’ll check out Crawdads or Chevy’s next door.  Maybe they’ll actually have use for their window seats, I don’t know, but if I do I’ll let you know.  Thank you for reading.