Lisa’s Nails on Alamo in Vacaville

I’ve never had a pedicure so this was my first experience. I went with a friend and we were told “there’s two chairs over there” so we went and sat. My chair, a massage chair of some sort, was not working right and I tried asking for help but they acted like I was speaking Spanish to a Vietnamese. They didn’t even bother looking up, but whatever… Maybe they couldn’t hear me.


We sat in those chairs for probably an hour? With no one saying ANYTHING to us at all. I’m not experienced so I don’t know if this is normal but my friend was getting anxious…she’s way too nice so she thought about leaving but didn’t. I asked her if she wanted to go but she’s the type that doesn’t really make waves so we kept waiting. It’s true, they speak Vietnamese and to each other but so what? That’s true of every nail shop I’ve been to! I don’t know why people are saying they can’t relax, just tune it out!

Anyway, the pedicure itself was meh. I won’t be doing those. The girl was nice enough not to laugh when I said the water and towel were too hot (I’m a wimp so it’s not her fault.) The peach scrub thing smells nice the “massage” was basically oiled leg rub down of some sort but not what I think of when I think massage. So I don’t know if that’s normal but I won’t be coming back so it’s irrelevant.

On thing I found disturbing is I didn’t see them bring out fresh auto claved tools… I can only HOPE they do, but I don’t know… I didn’t even think about it til I got home and my toes hurt because she did a LOT of skin trimming! Is that normal? I cut my nails, not my skin!! Anyway, I didn’t bleed or anything… I know people cut skin around nails on the hands too so it must be the same thing but I don’t like doing that either (which is another reason I do my own nails.) Again, probably not her fault, I’m just not used to it and after today I WON’T be used to it, thank god.

My friend said she likes the massage part of the pedicure, that it’s relaxing… me, I liked the chair…hers stopped working but again, the staff (even the one helping her) didn’t say a word or try to correct the situation, she acted like she didn’t speak English. And her nails were LONG!!! They were like an inch away from the finger tips! I was shocked but my friend didn’t say anything. I would have been scared…

Anyway all in all it was a meh experience. I’ve had better nail salon service experience but I’ve only done it for hands. So I still don’t know what the hooplah about pedicures is but ey, could be I’m just not girl enough for them. Towards the end I WAS sleepy but not because I was relaxed into mush, it’s because my mind had shut down after sitting for two hours!

Well, that’s it. Take this review as a noob with her first pedicure. But from the rest of the reviews, looks like I’m not the only one who’s like meh about this place. As for pricing? I have no experience so I can’t say if it’s good or not. For acrylics it’s 25, gels is 30 which is normal, refills are 20 but I overheard say that only applies if you’ve done it there. Which is weird but I guess that’s how they keep things “in house” but that did put me off. God forbid I get gels elsewhere and try to come here… Anyway I won’t be doing that, like I said, I do my own nails now. Oh, one more thing, they have an ATM in the salon so I guess it’s mostly cash only although I was able to use my atm with their machine so they do have it but my guess is they hide that because cash is well… better…if you get my drift. OK I’m really getting off this review now. Til the next review, thanks for reading!


DIY Nails. YUP! I’m *that* frugal!

Originally posted on Sunday, January 29, 2012 at another blog site

So… I’ve been taking to doing my own nails.  Why?  Because I see no point in paying someone to do what I can do on my own.  The tips, OK I get it, those were hard but now my nails have grown out and to be honest, the “fill” they do is not that hard.  I can’t waste 20 or more bucks on something that simple.  I rather waste it on something useful or treating myself to stuff more worthy… pleasurable… you know…?

You tube to the rescue!  A few tips here and there and I’m set to go! 🙂

I buy something called PRO IQ from like Rite Aid.  It works OK I guess… but why is the acrylic so rubbery!?!?  Weird…  Well, it worked for the purpose…

I’ve since moved on to Beauty Secrets who I’m told is OK but ASP is better.  We’ll see…

I’m doing alright with the Beauty Secrets so far and as frugal as I am, you know I’m going to spend the whole thing before I move on to ASP.

I should mention, I’m already kind of ambidextrous as far as putting nail polish on both hands.  Since filling is pretty much nail polish addition, although a bit thicker and patting not stroking, it does help that I already have the skill.

Lesson to learn… if you can’t do both hands, learn how to do that before you attempt this.  Another lesson to learn is not to forget steps… I ended up with a “lift” from the a) sucky PRO IQ stuff but also because I forgot to do primer… also, it helps to use the dehydrador stuff…and the cuticle oil.  It takes me practically all day to do the nails but that’s because I’m still learning.  Once I get it down it should take me the same as the salon or less. 🙂

Til next time!!  But remember, it’s not spring yet… no planting! ;D