McDonald’s has new Big Macs?!

It’s been a couple of weeks now but we went to McDonalds for a Caramel Frappe, which if you read my previous blog article is my new favourite starbucks.  They asked if we were interested in a Mac Jr or Grand Mac.. we’re like huh, what?  No… just the drinks.

Well today I decided to try the Jr because I’m not sure I can eat the Grand Mac when the Big Mac leaves me pretty dang full!  And you know what?  The Jr is the perfect size!

Whenever I go to Burger King, unless I’m completely famished, I get the Jr there and I’m totally fine.  But at McD’s I’d get their cheeseburgers which are good but you need two to fill up.  I usually get the kids meal because of the fun toy and well, enough other stuff to fill me up.  But now with the Jr, I don’t need to do that anymore.

Now granted, they JUST came out with this so it could be really good now and go carppy later as with the fish bites and the Angus burgers.  They start out awesome and then, I guess McD’s is like Meh and they aren’t as good anymore.  But I digress…

So before I ordered I asked what the difference is with the Jr. and they said the meat is different, it’s a little smaller than the quarter pounder (they aren’t kidding) but the rest is the same, pickle, lettuce, and mac sauce.   I was like OK and said I’ll try it.  I’m expecting a glorified overpriced cheeseburger but I was wrong.

This thing is kinda big in my hands. (I’ll save you the joke… yes, that’s what she said!)I opened it and was surprised.  I think that pun wasn’t intended but you never know…


I rotated it and the meat is as big as the bun!  When was the last time that happened at McD’s?!  Well OK, I don’t eat the quarter pounders so maybe they’re that big too, I don’t know but I can tell you that the normal Big Mac patties are NOT this size.  They’re skinnier and smaller.  So I’m thinking you get the same amount of meat and one less bun which is fine with me because saves calories and carbs!  I am pleasantly surprised with this Jr.

I’m thinking McD’s better start paying me for all this endorsement!  But this was a quinky dink.  They’re not Habit Burgers, which I still have to do that review but if you want fast food that fills you up and you have, I guess, a small stomach, this will do just nicely.

Til next time, thank you for reading and spring is almost here!  Does anyone really get that gardening joke? haha.  As usual, if you’d like to donate to my cause for a laptop click here.  If not, that’s cool too.  I love to write either way.


What’s going on Starbucks?!

I went and got a caramel frappucino the other day and I was disappointed.  Normally they kind of look like this.  And this one did, more or less.  Yes, I like extra caramel.

Image result for caramel frappuccino

But where did the coffee flavour go?!  All I got was a mouthful of a watery cream, possibly milk, somewhat sugary drink.   No coffee to be found!  I’m sorry… did I not offer a frappuccino?  Do they no longer have coffee in them?  Did I get a vanilla frap by accident?   Let me try that again… I said a caramel coffee frapuccino…Once again, I get the same drink!  What the heck is going on!?  Maybe it’s this branch…

3 different starbucks, 3 different cities, same damn drink!  OK what gives?  Was I too distracted to notice no one wants coffee in their fraps anymore?  Well, at least they still have macchiatos but it just isn’t the same… I like they coffee slushy…  Picture me with a total sad face.  Then, my husband goes to fast food and brings me a rescue drink!

Now see, we all know that McDonalds has cheaper coffee but is it better?  This was their caramel frappe, with an e to make it fancy!  OK McD’s what are you trying to pull?

Image result for mccafe caramel frappe

Goodness… what’s this…?  Coffee?!  There’s actual coffee flavour slushy…!?  Oh my wow!  This was sweet and coffee and slush… JUST like the fraps used to be!  But well, not as much caramel…  until of course, I said the magic words…”extra caramel please.” and voila!

Image result for mcdonalds caramel frappe extra caramel

Holy ginger snaps!  All the gooey caramel and the coffee slush?!  Hooo yeah, come to me baby!  Star who?!  I was back in my coffee caramel slush heaven.  But there’s a price to pay, of course.  For one, your version of extra caramel may not be that of the person making it.   Unlike Starbucks, the McD team takes caramel liberal.  Their drinks can vary depending on who makes it.  However, if you’re in it for the coffee more than the caramel, you’re golden!  Oh and you have to pay extra for the extra caramel whereas as Starbucks just does it… I think… I haven’t had one in a while but last I heard it was still free to ask for extra drizzle.  Oh and you can’t get extra shots with McDonald’s because theirs is a premix, which I guess so is Starbucks but they can still add an espresso shot or whatever where as McD’s can’t… at least I don’t think so…never asked but I don’t think they sell espresso.

So now that I’m getting fancy and branching out… why did I never go to Peet’s?!  I decided to try the burger king version of this drink.  And their premix is similar to McD’s but maybe more creamy, though not as bad as Starbucks, and sweeter.  It STILL has coffee flavour though so it’s not watered down.  The caramel is alright as well.

Image result for burger king caramel frappe extra caramel

Oh right… I remember why I didn’t try another coffee shop… both the McD’s and the Burger King option are cheaper!  Well…  Maybe one day I will try another coffee shop’s version but isn’t that like going to Teavana and expecting cheap Tea?  I think I’m better off with the fast foods for now… or if I can find a local coffee shop…maybe there.   I think the commercialization of Starbucks and their stretched thin because they’re on every corner made their fraps fall flat which is sad but ey, more money in my pocket!

Have you found a good frap somewhere else?  Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re feeling generous, click on the link:

I know it’s been forever since I’ve done this.  Something called a job has been keeping me distracted…one day I’ll have to get rid of that to focus just on this…but until then I’ll just have to keep trying harder.  I have so many reviews backed up!  And of course, kitten stories!   Until next time, folks.  Thank you for reading!


A word challenge from my writer’s group!

New CHALLENGE. Write a love poem or letter, by someone who is not human, to someone else (any species). Some things to consider might be how this species woos possible mates (any differently than humans?), a method of delivery, and how well the recipient likes it.

Anything from a dirty little note to a sweet melodic piece. Go ahead.

So here’s what I wrote:

Dear Gabe,

I saw you staring several times now and rumours have been flying for months now.  I know you find me completely fabulous and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong, but darling, I have many things to consider.  If you’re to be my trophy buddy, I can’t have you looking anything less than debonair!

You have great bone structure, not as awesome as mine, mind you, but definitely something to work with and I could enhance your appeal.  Of course, having me by your side will boost your appearance, but I can’t do everything, honey.  Regardless, I know what you’re looking for and I graciously accept your invitation.  However do keep in mind, my attention will wane as you know I’m not a one-man attraction.  I can’t very well deprive everyone from me now could I?  That wouldn’t be fair but I hope you realise your importance when I say you’ll definitely be in my top 5.  That isn’t a very easy spot to be in, you know?  Lots of people vie for that spot!

So what do you say?  Do you want to rise up in the dating pool or would you rather keep dating the frogs you call exes after a few rounds?


Alistair Silverleaf

And the Gabe character would be saying this:

Alistair, you arrogant but gorgeous fool!  What makes you think I’d want to be in your top five?!  Darling, I belong in the top 2!  Yes the rumours are true, I have been pining for you but don’t think for a moment that your beautiful face and dazzling smile will get you anywhere other than my bedroom.  I say we go a few rounds first and then decide what to do with the rest.  Even if you end up a frog, we could have so much fun together!  I don’t care if you decide to bed the whole kingdom, as you call it, as long as you end up in my bed tonight.  I have already thought of a few ideas which I think you would like.  It involves mirrors, I’m sure you love watching yourself in action as much as I like watching you out of it.  Now how about you take that pretty little butt of yours and bring it on over!


Gabe Entleman

Of course, Alistair would be super offended at being called a frog or told what to do, and he surely will make Gabe pay for his mistake but in a fun way.  They do, as Gabe suggested, go a few rounds.  Don’t worry, I won’t spoil those surprises here.  You have to read the story to find out how it all plays out and if Alistair ends up being a frog or if Gabe finally catches the ever bachelor Alistair.  You never know, stranger things have happened…  I’ve heard Half Elves go human even.  But not in this case, Alistair thinks too much of himself to ever go human.  If anything it’d be Gabe who’d have to change… After all, no mere human has ever been able to remotely even think they could possibly deny the request of the ever so alluring High Elf named Alistair.  Do you think a High Elf and a human mix well or would it be a  huge disaster after a while?

National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo)

I will refer to this as Nano from now on because let’s face it, I’m lazy.  I’m a writer, yes, but I like to keep words short and simple.  Not that I can’t write long words like Onomatopoeia because I clearly can, I just prefer not to… call it the layman in me.  (My mind just went elsewhere, as it always does, with that word.)

I like to speak to people the way most people speak, the general public, I mean.  I know we have the elites, the academics, and the professor intellect types and those people use more eloquent words.  And there’s also the people who’s schooling didn’t go that far or maybe they just weren’t paying attention…  I don’t know.  What I do know is I don’t speak like that either.  So for me, I have to find a comfortable middle ground.  I’m not going to go on speaking or writing like I’m in a constant IM or text conversation.  To me, that’s a bit silly and it can be confusing.  “UR gon insane 2n g2g mk, ttyl.”  took me a long time to type because I’m just not that versed in this kind of speech.  And maybe no one speaks like this, but I’ve seen a lot of text speech, as I call it and I can figure it out, for the most part, but I gotta wonder how much in a hurry someone is if they have to type like this all the time?  I’m not that much in a hurry, so I type normal or maybe lazily is a better term…

OK, now that I have that out of the way I can talk about Nano, the original thought and hence the title of this piece.  Nano is a once a year deal where writers all over the world go crazy and try to type out 50K words in one month.  Not a huge deal for some of us but a humongous almost impossible (and for some it IS an impossible) task.  I’m not in a hurry.  I write what I write and sometimes I write 50k in a weekend, sometimes it takes a few weeks, but a whole month?  There is no issue here for me… but then again, I tend to talk too much and write just as much so that’s my reasoning for why this month is like no other for me.

The thing about Nano is people think it’s supposed to be some prettied up piece of prose and it reall isn’t.  All first drafts tend to be crap when you’re writing a novel… oh right… I forgot to tell you this happens ever November.  My guess is because it’s “Novel” and “November” makes it easier to remember what time of year this happens.   In any case, as other people are sitting around sweating their ugly novels, I’m sitting around writing this piece for you guys.  Does it count for my word count?  Of coures it does.  You see, the easy thing about Nano is they only care about word count.  Not content, not pieces, not anything more than word counts.  So if you want to write Nano 50 thousand times, you can, and you’d still win!  And that’s what people want to see… the words “I won NaNoWriMo” on their accomplished list.  I see the attraction.
But what happens to those that don’t make it?  Some people work 12 hour days, they have babies, they have families, or events that make it impossible for them to write?  Well… now they feel like utter crap because they couldn’t write 50K words, real words, in one month.  I don’t think that’s fair.  As a writer, the more you write, the better and easier it gets.  So why was this event even created?  I’m not going into a history lesson.  I’ll give you my thoughts on the matter.  I imagine it started with the idea of pushing writers to write.  Not a bad idea… this motivation of winning a prize seems to work for some people.  Even if the prize is “I won nothing but satisfaction!”  Ey, not a bad idea, right?  Some people go nuts and decided to write their 50K in ONE day.  So they prep and write and write and write for one day and BAM, November 1st comes and goes and they won.  I wonder what they do the rest of the month?  Do they try to win twice?  Three times? Or do they simply hang up their shoes (or typewriters?) til next year?  Hmmm…   I should go ask…

After 50K in a day, do they look like this?

Now for those of you thinking well it can’t be that hard to write 50K words in a month, I suggest you try it.  This little piece of mine says that I’ve only written 792 words up until the number.  So not even a thousand words and look how much I’ve said already?  Imagine a whole novel… 50 times the size of this blog piece…  Still think it’s easy?  OK…   Maybe you’re just like me and this piece takes you like 10 minutes, not a whole afternoon.  I’m lucky though… I have no distractions, except maybe facebook or the internet.  But if I sit down to actually write, it doesn’t take long to say stuff.

If you’re a writer, your desk (writing area) just might look like this and that’s normal!

And yes, this piece will go in my Nano piece, along with my other pieces, for this word count.  I know I just said that, but see, I have to make more words or this thing will be too short.  Now I’m just having fun with you.  The truth is, I’m paranoid.  I don’t want to post my novel on a site where it might get stolen, so instead, I’m writing this piece and this will serve as my word count.  Perhaps I’ll post this same pice 50 times in there…  I mean, why not?  If word count is all that matters, then this piece should be like no other and then I too would have won Nano…  But don’t think that I’m cheating.  My novel, which is currently (so far) 70K words is my real reason for winning.  I just don’t feel like posting it to that site, as I said, I’m paranoid…

My novel keeps growing and growing, just as it always has… I started, a long time ago, with a notebook… I then wrote and wrote and wrote… 3000 plus pages later, I had my book and it wasn’t finished, I just had to start typing it on a computer and well it grew from there… now the thing is a monster and a series… it also spiked up other pieces I wasn’t expecting to write but that’s what happens when you’re a writer… you write this, that, and the other and plot bunnies later, you end up with several pieces to work on at the same time.  When I entered Nano I had one idea… it then spat out 5 others… now I have 6 and the list keeps growing!  Can you see why I have no problems with the 50k?

I hope you didn’t just do this:

Plot bunnies, in case you don’t know, are these magical creatures that come and reproduce on your writing piece as you’re working it… so let’s say you have boy meets girl, falls in love with girl, lives happily ever after.  Yes, it can be that simple.  A plot bunny will come along in the middle of your story and make more babies… next thing you know you have this:  bboy meets girl, meets other boy, wonders if he’s gay, decides he’s bisexual and polyamorous, so he marries both boy and girl and they live, no, not happily ever after because girl decides she doesn’t want to be poly and second boy decides he doesn’t want to be with a bisexual, so they both dump the first boy and boy becomes emo… but wait, then he drinks some elixir potion thing and it turns him into a unicorn who loves waffles…  Yeah, it’s THAT random… plot bunnies are fun and evil at the same time.  And well, what you first started with is not how you ended.   In my book, my characters were happy.  Plot bunnies decided that was too easy.  And if you ever read my books, then you’ll see what I mean.  They created a lot of drama for my poor characters…and they still are, creating drama, and the thing about plot bunnies is, you never know when or where they will show up.  You can try shooing them away and shooting at them and maybe even killing them but believe you me, they WILL come back in full force, so you might as well just go with it.  And that’s what I do…

It was plot bunnies who got me the 6 ideas and its’ them who’s creating more every day…  And now I know why some writers are full time!  There just isn’t enough time in a day to write all the things the plot bunnies want you to or that you can write without going nuts!  And this is probably why a lot of writers are seen as “nuts” because we have stuff going on all the time in our heads.  Add to the face that I’m a girl and well, you can only imagine the insanity that’s going on in my brain right now.  But you know what? I’ve written 1600 plus words now and I didn’t mean to… dang plot bunnies…  I wish you could see what I mean about them.  I meant to write a simple piece about Nano and now I’ve written about other things that may or may not have entertained you.  I better get off this piece now.

I’ll see you guys in the next one!  I’ll write something fun… maybe another “let’s look at this song” piece?  Word count or not, I want to keep writing today.  Shouldn’t be so hard… these plot bunnies are in full force today!  Catch you next time!