Na Hoku in Roseville, CA

For the amount of money they ask for their jewelry you would think they would treat you a little nicer. Friend bought a necklace for almost 1K and the chain broke the next day. They admitted the soldering point looked weak and that’s what caused the break. They offered to repair, not replace, the chain. My friend asked if they could instead exchange the chain for a heavier gauge since she felt the reason for the break is the original chain was too thin for the somewhat heavy pendant. They said no. She could buy a new chain but all they could do is send the original to get repaired. No credit would be given, she’d have to buy the chain out right. She said but I’m giving your more money to upgrade to a new chain, why can’t you credit me for the thin chain and charge me for the thicker one (which btw, was $600 vs $200 for the original chain.) As a business owner, this is a no brainer. Customer wants to throw money at me and I’m going to balk? What maroons are working here?!

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Finally my friend asked for the manager as the sales person was dead set on no way, can’t do it. Manager was busy with another customer who was browsing. As a business owner, a pissed off customer is priority over a browsing one, but ey, maybe that’s just me. I rather keep the one that’s already paying not the one that might. They could have easily traded and had the sales person attend the browsing customer but no, that was too hard for them. They just kept us waiting until browsing person left, having bout NOTHING from them. We waited almost 45 minutes for the manager to come over.

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She comes over and gives the same schpeal but when pressed she said she will do a one time courtesy exchange. Wow, huge favour, letting my friend throw more money at you. How kind of you…

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My friend was satisfied, albeit annoyed at the whole thing. Me, not so much. What is this place? The customer is always wrong unless you prove to them that they should help you? Weird business practices and way overpriced jewelry. It’s pretty, yes, but not worth the money, in my opinion…not with customer service like that.

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White Chocolate Candies … say what????

So I guess the trend now a days is to make the white chocolate version of many candies out there.  There is White Chocolate Reeses, M&M’s, Twix, etc.  I think there’s even a snickers and 3 muskateers but I can’t remember.

I don’t eat peanut butter chocolate items so I picked these up:

Image result for white chocolate twix Image result for white chocolate m&m

The M&M’s were bigggg!!  Like the share size big which was nice. I did like how they tasted, a little smoother than normal and sweeter.  I’ll probably buy those again.  ANd bonus (!) I don’t have to freeze them to eat them. 🙂  I can’t eat chocolate too much, it makes my stomach not happy unless it’s frozen for some reason…  Sugar I can eat pounds, chocolate, not so much.  White Chocolate, as we all know (or should) is not even close to chocolate, it’s vanilla flavoured sugar maybe milky coating.  I can have pounds of that and be fine.

Image result for happy kid eating candy

The Twix?  I’m on the fence.  It’s not a bad flavour, it’s OK… but it’s…weird.  I like caramel and I like white chocolate…I’m honkey dorey on white chocolate caramel apples…LOVE those!  But Twix?  Is it the cookie? the over sweetness with the caramel and the cookie? I don’t know!  I might buy this again, maybe, if I’m like desperate but I don’t know… I think I like the original better.  I really think it’s the overly sweet taste.

Image result for sugar overload

This is weird coming from a sugar addict… To say something is too sweet is just.. weird!!  I used to have tons of sugar.  So much so that I had to eat sugar cubes just to taste sweet sometimes.  I laid off the sugar for a long time and now a lot of things are super sweet that didn’t use to be!

Soooo…. if you’re used to sugar these are probably fine.  The M&M’s will have less sweetness than the Twix but both are still pretty sweet.  The good news is I get to drink a ton of water to balance out the sugar! LOL

Thanks for reading and I’ll “see you” next time! 😀

HUKU EXPRESS in Fairfield, CA

I had high hopes for this place. But I forgot… it’s a sushi cafe…  It’s next to Starbucks…I don’t know what I was thinking…

Image result for sad sushi

Mind you, I’m used to eating at Hinata which is THE best, in my opinion.

I was pressed for time so I stopped into this place. Pressed for time… well, that was a mistake… these guys took fooorrrrrreeeeeverr!! And for what? I don’t know… they’re just recently opened so maybe they’re at Jurassic Park and the meat is eating the trainers, I don’t know.

When I get my bento, which I paid almost as much as Hinata’s I get meat that’s been cookign for a million years because itw as like having jerky, just about… no flavour except for whatever weird sauce they put on for Teriyaki. Store bought sauce from Safeway, maybe? I don’t know, but the sushi sure tasted like it was from Safeway or some of those truck stop gas station sushi’s. I didn’t get sick but it wasn’t the greatest either.

The salad was just cabbage with some carrot shreds and NO dressing of any kind. The wasabi was OK and they gave me purple cabbage which I guess was supposed to be their version of pickled ginger.

They do have some cute Japanese snacks and stuff so there is novelty…unfortunately, their custard bun DID make me sick so that sucked. The moshi was OK but that didn’t get me sick so that’s good. The overpriced ramunen soda was also good.

All in all, I ain’t going back. Novelty or not. I think the concept is good but the execution is not the best. I wasted 20 bucks but that’s the last they’re getting from me. Save yourself the money and go buy safeway sushi, it’ll probably be better.

Live Music Center in Vacaville, CA

This place is a hit or miss. Yes they have a bunch of stuff in stock but they’re not very busy either, not as busy as Gordon’s. Location is possibly a reason. One is on main street, downtown, and this one is a bit out of the way and near the exit of a freeway, but going the wrong way.

That said, I’ve been here a few times. Once I think I met the owner who was super nice and said “It’s hard to find good workers.” when I mentioned my previous visit that left me less than satisfied. Because of him I gave this place another go. Each time, it has been different. Sometimes people know what they’re doing and sometimes it’s like they hired someone from Walmart who barely knows what a note is…or they don’t care.

What’s taken the cake is I’ve ordered a couple of Ukes and it’s like they were forgotten orders. The first time I ordered, back in January, no one ever called. The second time I ordered, the owner called me a week after I had gone in and got a horrible experience and I think it was because of that, not because my Uke came in.

Outside of the one time, I’ve never seen the owners there, just young people staff. I think they need to be at their store more often if they care about their business. That’s one thing about Gordon’s. Outside of a Sunday, every time I’ve gone there, Mr. Gordon is at the store. Whether he’s a workaholic or likes to keep his staff in line, I don’t know, but if there’s a problem he’s there to fix it straight away.

I am not saying I’m never going to Live Music but there have been more bad experiences than good ones so I’ll probably go there for supplies. But when it comes to ordering instruments, I’m going to Gordon’s. They actually call you back when your instrument comes in, instead of putting it out on the floor to get sold first.

My guess is that’s what happened to my first Uke. It was put on the floor and then sold so no one called. Instead they kept lying and said it was on the order books and it’d be ordered soon. OR they just don’t order stuff often, which is weird, because if a customer is willing to give you their green, that should be your first priority, no? Maybe not…

Wild Willy’s BBQ


I was on my way to get a mcflurry or something when this little red caboose looking thing caught my eye.  Caboose I call it because that’s what I had back in Pacifica with the Gorilla BBQ…except they’re orange and an actual caboose.  This is a little red roach coach.  With affection, of course, this place is pretty good!  It’s clean, from what I could see (and you can pretty much see the whole truck, it’s not that big,) and the guys are super nice!

I got a free sample of their baked beans and he was right, they are tasty.  The food was tasty, albeit spicy for me, but I’m spiced at taco bell so don’t let that dissuade you.  I had the ribs, the pulled pork, and mac and cheese.

the meat was soft and juicy, the mac and cheese was alright, but I was there for the meat anyway. The “bread” I wasn’t impressed with since it’s just white toast but like I said, I was there for the meat.

I’ll definitely go back, it’s the next best thing to gorilla’s and no toll fee! 😀  The other reviewers are right, the other places around here suck when it comes to BBQ so go show these guys some love on Thurs and Fri when they’re open.  If he can quit his other job we’ll have this little coach full time! 😀

No pictures this time as I ate them too fast!  Next time though! 😀

Moon Cheese… What?!

Rolling around in the insane heat, I needed a drink.  Noooo… not that kind of drink, something icy.  Starbucks caught my eye so there I went.  The line was a bit long and in the “aisle” was this… Moon Cheese.  What on earth?  I flipped it over.

IMG_20170820_135131[1]Related image

Huh… Just cheddar…  Crunchy cheddar?  Um… what..?  OK…  Soooo I bought it.  Why not?  It couldn’t be that bad, right?  I love cheddar.
IMG_20170820_135141[1]  The nuggets look just like the package.  When does THAT happen?!  I can’t remember the last time a food looks like what it is.  This is a good sign.

I take a bite and hmm… no taste…weird… I’m so used to Cheetohs and their explosion of flavour.  Well, shoot…what’s going on?  Crunch… Oh!  Cheese!  Crunch, crunch, crunch…  Yes! I taste the cheese…a slightly sharp cheddar. Wow!  It’s like having curds but crunchy curds.  I really like this!  Whoever made these things is a genius.  It says gluten free but I’m not sure if there was ever gluten in cheese… IN any case there, there is that.  Also it’s healthier than Cheetohs and that’s gotta count for something, right?  I mean, I can actually pronounce the ingredients in this.

If you love cheese, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this if you don’t love it.  Yes, it’s not the ooey gooey cheesy goodness of like pizza cheese but it’s still pretty dang tasty AND it doesn’t go bad in the heat.  All in all I love moon cheese!  I don’t love the price, $5 for 2 oz. but once in a while, I’ll definitely enjoy this treat.  Looking online there seems to be pepper jack and gouda flavours too but I don’t eat either of those cheeses but if you do, give them a go, I bet you won’t be disappointed.  I also saw online that you can make them into croutons…if I ever eat salad I might try it…who knows.  No I didn’t get paid for this review.  I had actually never heard of this ’til today.  I’m glad I found them!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it.  Is it just me or are these things dang good?  Thanks for reading and if you feel generous, send me a buck or whatever to my paypal.  It’ll contribute to my get a laptop fund.  Yes I know, lame that I don’t have one, but ey, I’m sure eventually I’ll get one.  Until next time folks, stay cool, we ain’t outta summer just yet! 😀

What Ritalin did to me…

I don’t know why more people don’t talk about this or maybe I’m in the wrong forums/places.   In any case, I hear about college students and “normal” people taking this and getting through exams and life and bouncing off walls like it’s some kind of amazing high!!  But this is an ADHD medication…   It’s a stimulant but it doesn’t work that way on us…or at least, on me.   When I heard about it, I expected magic in a bottle!


What do you mean I’m going to be able to focus and not have ten million things running around in my head at any given second?!  Are you kidding me?! That’s fantastic!!  And I don’t have to get up every ten minutes or change what I’m doing because fidget…?!  Really!?  Oh my god, give me a gallon’s worth!!

I should have known better… they do always say “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is…” and they, whoever they are, are right. It was way too good to be true.  My first day taking it, I was giddy with excitement…more than my usual bounce off the walls excitement… I was like wow, I’ll be able to get work done! Let’s down this sucker!

Almost instantly, I felt this…

Only… I wasn’t looking through the wave… I was IN it… tumbling around like some kind of Alice in Wonderland experience when she inhaled too much of whatever that caterpillar was smoking.   I was under water…in some kind of fog…I went to my chair and sat down…I was dizzy…I melted into the chair and sat staring at my computer.  After 30 mins I went to eat something…couldn’t tell you what that was…  I was walking through molasses.  It took a lot of effort to put things together.  I went back to my computer and sat, again…watched something…couldn’t tell you what that was either.

But I was still… I sat there for the next couple of hours…I opened up maybe 10 tabs in my browser as opposed to my usual 30-50 or whatever…  As time passed the fog got thicker and thicker…my hands were heavy…my body was heaving…as if I was in some kind of haze from staying up way too late and was incredibly groggy!  But I was sitting still…  I then got up to throw up…but I had no food in my stomach so I dry heaved…nasty bitterness… I ate something and it calmed down the heaves…  I learned that from pregnancy.  It must be a fluke… I went to bed…

I tried it again the next day…same thing but the fog was even thicker…and it wasn’t until today that I realised I was depressed…not like the mental illness exactly…but like being held down by something.  My usual Tiggerness had turned into Eeyore… or for those who are fans of MLP, I had gone from Pinkie Pie to a seriously depressed Pinkamena.  I see why they give this to kids…keeps them at their seat and they have to struggle just to SEE anything that it keeps them nice and quiet.

Oh yeah, I had that wonderful effect too…all my senses were dulled.  I saw something but it took a moment to process it…I touched something but it took a moment to figure out what it was… I can see why they say don’t drive while under this…I had to struggle just to SIT at my desk, it wasn’t fun.  I called the doctor and left a message.  Is this normal?!   After some time she called back and left me a message as I was passed out…my body’s defense mechanism is to fall asleep…and since I couldn’t really function anyway, I obliged.  The message said to cut down the dose…mind you, I was already on the lowest dose… 10 mg.  But I did as told and half-ed it.   Didn’t make a difference….

The same fog, heavier and heavier, the more I take… And mind you, I took a couple of days off just to wear off the bad effects… Especially the, if I don’t eat every couple of hours I dry heave. This is NOT fun.  I asked someone else taking a different med but has ADHD too what I’m supposed to feel and they told me that it does slow things down so you can focus.  They suggested I take less….hmmm… I don’t think that taking 2.5 mg is going to help…I’ll probably still get fogged…and I still have the side effects.

Another person who took this back in High School told me that they had the same thing happen to them but that their parental unit insisted they take the med to keep them quiet and compliant.  I don’t think that’s a good thing…  Anyway, they took the normal dose of 30 mg and they got the same thing as me…so it’s the med, not the person.   I looked online and couldn’t really find anyone talking about this.  Why?  Am I the one in a million?

Do people rather have the glorification of making themselves dulled and depressed?  Is that the preference?  I sure as heck don’t like it!  I don’t know why anyone would like this tumbled upside down, foggy, sleepy, and dull lifestyle.  Yes, my thoughts didn’t go at ten million miles an hour and yes they didn’t bounce off the walls but I felt like somebody else…and to me, that’s not worth it.  I wanted to have a a toned down version of myself, meaning, still me but maybe more focused…  Is there such a thing as a focused without all those other side effects?   Or is this what focus is…  Is this how others live their lives?
Image result for dull
A few thoughts here and there…life in the slow lane…  Are you able to sit still because you have nothing better to do?  Is THIS why people get bored?!   Maybe I should be glad to have ADHD.   Maybe my million miles an hour thoughts and bouncing off the walls is a GOOD thing…I’m creative and constantly thinking of the next new thing…yes I get “bored” easy with the same activity over and over again but that’s where the million thoughts come into play.  Who has time to get bored when within five seconds you’re on to 30 other scenarios?!  When you can feel like a child and be amused by EVERYthing?!
Why would we want to stop this?   Why did I believe I had to be “normal” to be OK?

So I’m writing this to tell other people that hey, you’re not alone.  If you decide that you rather have ADHD than the dull existence some pill gives you, it’s OK.  I’m right here next to you and we can have our own little crazy boat.  Let’s embrace that kind of crazy!  At least we’ll never be bored and to me, that’s worth everything!  Yes, even the annoyance of having others tell you that you’re a spaz constantly.  You know what?  I think they’re jealous.  We’re the awesome creative ones.  We come up with stuff they haven’t even thought of…and yeah OK, we might need a little help reigning in everything once in a while but that’s not a bad trade off.  We get them out of the box and they keep us in for a bit.  Sounds like a win win to me!

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